Wireless Testing

Unparalleled expertise with a full line of solutions for the entire wireless product cycle.

ETS-Lindgren is the world leader for wireless Over-The-Air (OTA) Performance Testing of Wireless Subscriber Devices and in the development of significant intellectual property in wireless OTA measurement.

Not only did we help develop the industry’s first OTA measurement plan, we pioneered the world’s first CTIA Authorized Test Lab for mobile station OTA performance testing. Our unparalleled expertise and our full line of solutions for the entire wireless product cycle is why ETS-Lindgren has designed and built a staggering 80 percent of the CTIA OTA labs that exist today. And, as a principal and contributing member of CTIA ERP, our systems and solutions offer our customers the flexibility to choose from several scan methods, testing components, instrumentation choices, and specialized services for the solution that best fits their complex environments and needs

ETS-Lindgren is uniquely qualified to address the emerging 5G and mmWave test requirements as well. ETS-Lindgren has the solutions to meet your 5G New Radio testing needs, with dozens of 5G installations and over 10,000 commercial test and measurement projects worldwide.

For Antenna Pattern Measurement (APM) solutions, ETS-Lindgren provides expertise from design to fabrication to installation, assuring that your customized solution will meet your specific requirements, including the integration of a wide variety of services and components to complement your APM needs.

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Case Studies

Northeastern University Innovation Campus
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SGS Wireless Test Lab - San Diego
View PDF
Wi-Fi Alliance and ETS-Lindgren Are A Perfect Team Addressing Wireless Test Technology
View PDF
EMT Labs Offers Wireless OTA Performance Verification
View PDF
Antenna Measurement System Enhances R&D Capabilities for AAC
View PDF
Gonzaga University Smart Antenna and Radio Lab
View PDF
Multi-Purpose Tapered Chamber at the National University of Singapore Enables Far-Field and Spherical Near-Field Test Measurements Over an Extended Frequency Range
View PDF
AT4 wireless Boasts World's First WiMAX Forum Designated Certification Laboratory
View PDF
First WiMAX Forum Designated Certifica0tion Laboratory in Asia at Advance Data Technology (ADT) Corporation in Taiwan
View PDF
New Wireless Test System at TMC Beijing
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Articles and White Papers

5G Millimeter Wave Devices: The Impact on EMC Compliance Tests
James Young, Jari Vikstedt of ETS-Lindgren
Testing the 5G New Radio (English)

Michael D. Foegelle

An improved method for power and SIR validation on MPAC MIMO OTA system
Jiang Xiao ; Michael Foegelle
The Future of MIMO Over-the-Air Testing
Michael D. Foegelle
MIMO Wireless Terminals OTA Performance Test Based on Boundary Array Methodology

Jiang Xiao, Yulung Tang

On the comparison between anechoic and reverberation chambers for wireless OTA testing
MIMO Device Performance Measurements in a Wireless Environment Simulator

Michael D. Foegelle

On the MIMO OTA test system
Pre-Compliance Over-The-Air Performance Testing on Wireless Devices
Complex fit normalized site attenuation for antennas with complex radiation patterns

Zhong Chen ; M. Foegelle

Antenna Pattern Measurement: Concepts and Techniques

Michael D. Foegelle


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