About Us

ETS-Lindgren is recognized by clients the world over as the leading supplier of energy management solutions for the industrial and commercial markets.

Our team of 750 professionals design and manufacture the electromagnetic and acoustic energy components and systems that make many aspects of modern life possible. For 75 years, ETS-Lindgren has cut across industries and market sectors to create a track record of success through such innovations as:

  • Systems that control unintended electromagnetic energy emissions.
  • Tools that analyze and measure the performance of wireless devices before they go to market.
  • Microwave chambers used to test military aircraft before they are put into operation.
  • Facilities that enable physicians to obtain MRI images and perform surgery in the same room.
  • Safety monitoring solutions for utility workers who are exposed to electromagnetic fields when they climb telecom and broadcast towers.

Since 1993, ETS-Lindgren has been part of the ESCO Technologies’ (NYSE ESE) portfolio. This worldwide partnership ensures ETS-Lindgren has robust financial backing and resources to invest in operational efficiencies, as well as long-term industry research and development.

The Early Days

ETS-Lindgren is a multinational organization created over several decades through a combination of organic growth and strategic mergers of industry leaders in RF, EMC, MRI, Acoustic and Wireless test and measurement. The company was officially formed in 1995 by joining a number of leading companies including EMCO (The Electro-Mechanics Company), Rantec and Ray Proof, to create EMC Test Systems (ETS) in Austin, Texas. Ray Proof started as a supplier of medical X-ray shielding in 1932. Rantec led in the development of anechoic absorber and microwave chambers for the military during the early 1970s. EMCO formed as an outgrowth of magnetic field and radio frequency research in the 1960s. In 1997, EMC Test Systems established a European presence with the purchase of Euroshield OY based in Eura, Finland. The company is best known for developing “pan-type” RF shielding and a unique shielded door technology that remains the preferred choice today. The acquisition of Lindgren RF Enclosures in 2000 doubled the size of our company and gave us immediate leadership in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shielded rooms. It also strengthened our position in the EMC market by increasing our product offering and customer base. As a result of the acquisition, our company name was changed to ETS-Lindgren. In 2000, ETS-Lindgren acquired Holaday Industries, pioneers of the technology used in today’s electromagnetic field sensing (EMF) systems for test and measurement, and health and safety applications. In 2002, ETS-Lindgren purchased Acoustic Systems, a leading supplier for acoustic test and measurement, audiology, and broadcast applications.

Expansion in Asia

Building on the success of the Branch Office in Singapore, we acquired businesses in Japan and China in 2002 to provide new manufacturing, sales and service capabilities to support our growing customer base in Asia. Since then, additional customer support offices have been added in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China. In 2006, ETS-Lindgren opened a new office in Taipei, Taiwan to serve the growing customer base in that country. A new office was opened in Bangalore, India during 2010 to accommodate ETS-Lindgren’s growing market share. The office provides technical support, project management, installation, and system integration services.

Continued Growth Globally

In 2011, ETS-Lindgren acquired EMV Elektronische Messgerate Vertriebs GmbH (EMV), a leading supplier of EMC and RF measurement systems, including the design and installation of architectural RF shielded facilities. This expertise was integrated into our existing European business to enhance our customer service and support. At the same time, we opened a European Service Center dedicated to calibration and repair services in order to provide faster turn-around times on essential test equipment. Over the years the company has expanded its facilities throughout the world. The expansion continues with the addition of 12,000 sq. ft. to our Cedar Park, Texas facility. This has allowed us to increase our solutions and service offerings as well as develop and manufacture new products.