Test Systems

ETS-Lindgren offers full integration of Wireless OTA and EMC test systems, including test environments, instrumentation, and software. Both anechoic and reverberation options are available, which provide an ideal environment for any test requirement.

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ETS-Lindgren's EMCenter is a modular RF platform consisting of an integrated micro-controller, modular chassis, and a selection of optional plug-in card modules. It can be used to perform a variety of RF measurement applications.

5010test systems

ETS-Lindgren's EMControlTM Position Controller Plug-in Card Model 7006-001 is a plug-in card for our EMCenterTM Modular RF Platform that enables the user to synchronize simultaneous movement of two ETS-Lindgren positioning devices (for example, towers or turntables) and On/Off operation of an additional auxiliary device (LISN, EUT, etc.).

5010test systems