EMCenter Position Controller - ETS-Lindgren
EMCenter Position Controller
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Key Features
  • Can control up to two ETS-Lindgren positioners
  • Color touch screen display

ETS-Lindgren's EMCenter Position Controller is a modular RF platform consisting of an integrated micro-controller, modular chassis, and includes up to seven EMControl Positioner Controller Plug-In Card Model 7006-01. The EMCenter Position Controller can be used to control up to two ETS-Lindgren positioners. The EMCenter Position Controller comes in a 2-slot version, item125241 as well as a 7-slot version, item 125156.

Product Options
  • Available in a 2-slot or 7-slot configuration
  • Additonal EMControl Plug-In Cards (part number 125197) can be purchased at any time
Product Configuration
  • EMCenter Modular RF Platform
  • One or more EMControl Plug-In Cards 7006-01