4-TR Tripod Positioner - ETS-Lindgren
4-TR Tripod Positioner
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Key Features
  • Non-metallic Non-RF Reflective
  • Easy-adjust Height Controls
  • Quality Construction

ETS-Lindgren's Model 4-TR Tripod is compatible with most ETS-Lindgren antennas. Users can be confident of accurate measurement results when using the 4-TR, which is constructed of non-metallic, non-reflective materials that will not distort measured data. The 4-TR Tripod has easy-adjust controls for precise height adjustments. Maximum height is 2.0 m (80 in). Minimum height is 94.0 cm (37 in). It can hold up to a 11.8 kg (26.0 lb). To ensure long-life, ETS-Lindgren tripods are constructed of the highest-quality materials possible. The 4-TR is constructed of linen phenolic and delrin and can be used in both indoor and outdoor test sites. The adjustable center piece allows for precise height adjustments.

Electrical Specifications
Nominal Load Capacity: 11.8 kg (26.01 lb)
Nominal Max Height: 203 cm (79.92 in)
Product Options
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Additional custom heights available
Product Configuration
  • Tripod Assembly