EMQuest Executive Database Option EMQ-118 - ETS-Lindgren
EMQuest Executive Database Option EMQ-118
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Key Features
  • Templates reduce number of files with repeat parameters
  • Export and store data in PostgreSQ or Microsoft SQL servers
  • Search for data through SQL commands

The EMQuest Executive & Database Tool is designed to enhance the power of EMQuest by offering a simplified user experience. This new functionality is accomplished by hiding some of the complexities of EMQuest using a wizard-like user interface to limit the selection scope of the many EMQuest parameters that can be confusing and difficult to understand.

EMQuest Executive adds the ability to export and store data results in a relational database, such as PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL servers. This includes the SQL DDL commands to create the database tables for either of those databases. There are also database views stored procedures to select and pull that data back out.

The benefits of this option are that those database systems can then be queried by customer created applications written in the language of the customers choosing, such as Python or Microsoft Excel, to query EMQuest results. The data can be pushed into the database automatically if the EMQuest Executive is used to run the EMQuest test or results can be dragged and dropped to the EMQuest Executive manually.

Using the Executive or any database tool that can access SQL, such as Microsoft Office, Excel, or SharePoint, it is possible to extract data and create reports that were difficult to create using a file-based system. The standard EMQuest viewer can still be utilized to extract the raw data files (RAWX2 format), which can be loaded and analyzed by EMQuest.

Test parameter data is stored in a database, and selection criteria is limited to the sub-set of parameters that are changed by the user. The use of template parameter files can be utilized to eliminate the need to modify any EMQuest parameters, as the changed are injected at run-time. The output from EMQuest is the same raw data files, however the results are stored in a SQL database.