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Key Features

  • Safe and Convenient Environment for Shipping and Storage of Components such as antennas and probes
  • Rugged Vacuum-Formed Polyethylene Moisture
  • Chemical Resistant Cushioned Foam Interior
  • Convenient Pocket for Document Storage

ETS-Lindgrens Antenna Cases provide a safe way to store and ship delicate equipment. Designed for multiple transportation cycles, these cases are uniquely designed to have uniform wall strength and thick, reinforced corners. Additionally, these cases are moisture and chemical resistant, allowing for safe and secure transport of sensitive electronics.

Product Features
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Shipping and Storage Case

These cases provide a convenient way to secure antennas or probes for shipping and storage. Their rugged construction means no additional internal or external packaging is necessary, when used for the model of equipment in which they were designed for.

Rugged Polyethylene Construction

The vacuum-formed polyethylene construction of these cases provide a protective environment that is durable for years of rugged use.

Moisture and Chemical Resistant

These cases provide a tight, secure latched seal which serves as a barrier to external moisture. The exterior of the cases is made of a material that offers protection from moisture and most chemicals.

Cushioned Foam Interior

Each case has a dense foam interior that is custom cut to the dimensions of a specific antenna, probe, or other piece of test equipment. Equipment fits snugly and is held securely during transit or storage.

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Product Configuration

  • Polyethylene Vacuum-formed Case with Model Specific Foam Interior