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As demand for telecommunications services continues to explode, device manufacturers and network operators must greatly expand their capacities.

Increasingly, they are turning to ETS-Lindgren to help them achieve efficiencies and maximize their investments in the transmission, storage, and processing of critical data. Through significant advancements in wireless/antenna measurement and multiple antenna technologies, as well as EMP/shielding, ETS-Lindgren is able to access data and substantially impact wireless device performance. With this increased data throughput, ETS-Lindgren telecommunication clients can better control the need for additional towers to service their growing customer base.

The threat to take down critical systems, communications, data and infrastructure with Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI; high power radio frequency weapons) is a growing concern. Even lightning can generate localized electromagnetic pulse (EMP) surges powerful enough to take out grid systems. While you may not be able to prevent an EMP event, ETS-Lindgren can help you control the outcome.

Achieving efficiencies in an evolving industry marked by growing demand takes the combined experience of an ETS-Lindgren team that is both highly tenured and well represented on industry standards committees such as CTIA and 3GPP.

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