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Key Features

  • Offers Protection in Harsh Environments KYDEX Radome Material Provides:
    • Low Dielectric Constant
    • Hydrophobic Properties
    • UV Stability
    • Resistance to Flammability
    • Mounting Plate Available for These Antennas:
      • Model 3115 Horn
      • Model 3116 Horn
      • Model 3117 Horn
      • Model 3160-05 through 3160-10 Horns
      • Model 3164-05 Horn

ETS-Lindgren's Custom Antenna Radome Enclosure offers a weatherproof environment for our most popular horn antennas. Each radome housing includes the radome, mounting brackets, a mounting plate, and feedthrough connectors.

Radomes are made from vacuum formed KYDEX material, which is ideal for this application. The relative dielectric constant changes from 2.46 at 800 MHz to 2.70 at 20 GHz. The loss tangent is also low, from 0.023 at 800 MHz to 0.0087 at 20 GHz.

Additionally, KYDEX is very hydrophobic as opposed to the hydroscopic materials such as ABS or fiberglass. This is important given the high relative permittivity of water (epsilon = 80). The material also has excellent UV stability and meets UL standard 94 V-0 flammability resistance.

View the Custom Antenna Radome Enclosure technical specifications below

Physical Specifications

Option RE - Height (Overall): 35.79 cm (14.09 in)
Option RE - Diameter (Overall): 41.91 cm (16.50 in)

Product Configuration

  • KYDEX Vacuum Formed Enclosure
  • Feed Through Connectors
  • Mounting Plate and Brackets
    Radome Enclosed Antenna Mounting Plate

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