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EMI Shielding
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Key Features
  • Custom Engineering and Design
  • Designs Providing Attenuation for Frequencies > 0.01 Hz
  • Flexible Shielding Solutions
  • Performance Designed to Meet Customer Requirements.

ETS-Lindgren's Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) shielding products provides customers with standard and custom shielding solutions to meet their specific requirements. Shielding construction can be comprised of a custom combination of materials, including aluminum, electrical steels, low carbon steels and high permalloy material in conjunction with special construction methodologies to achieve the desired performance.

ELF shielding uses an assortment of shielding material to deliver a specified performance. Highly conductive materials including copper and aluminum to magnetic materials, including low carbon steel, electrical steels and high permalloy materials, can be configured to meet specified performance requirements. This include sub Hertz magnetic (H-field) attenuation of 10s of dB to high frequency plane attenuation exceeding 100 dB. ETS-Lindgren provides a variety of standards options or can provide custom designs to meet unique performance criteria.

In addition to manufacturing and installing ELF shielding, ETS-Lindgren can provide engineering services to assist customers defining a project's requirements and methodologies for integrating shielding systems into a customer's building and programming.

Whether a customer desires to reduces ELF/EMI threats from AC magnetic sources including electrical switchgear, transformer, and other electrical components, and quasi-DC magnetic sources including DC power propulsion systems and moving mass, or requires an ultra-quiet environment, ETS-Lindgren can provide a solution.

Full Room Quasi-DC and AC EMI Shielding SystemFull Room AC EMI Shielding SystemPartial AC EMI Shielding System