ETS-Lindgren's Model ​HI-3627’s ELF Magnetic Field​ Meter quickly determines ELF (extremely low frequency) magnetic field distributions in various applications, such as power-line emissions, home ambient environments and high current factory locations.  A data logger or chart recorder can be connected to the HI-3627 output to monitor​ field variations over time. ​​​​​Signals from three orthogonal sensing elements are combined in a vector sum to provide accurate magnetic field measurements from any ELF magnetic field source.

The 2kHz upper cutoff frequency enables accurate measurements of more than 30 harmonics of a 60 Hz power frequency field. The switch-selectable, lower frequency cutoff point enables testing to Swedish MPR and IEEE 1140 guidelines.

Key Product Information

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Frequency Response (Nominal): 5 Hz to 2000 Hz 
Recorder Output: 0 to 5 VDC (1 mA Maximum) Proportional to Meter Deflection 
Sensitivity (in Five Ranges): 0.2 mG to 20 G 
Sensor 0.01m2 Nominal Area 
Battery: NiCad, Rechargeable, 30 Hour Typical Operating Life  

​Dimensions (Height x Width x Length): 165 mm x 95 mm x 56 mm (6.50 in x 3.74 in 2.20 in)

  • Model 3627 ELF Magnetic Field Meter
  • Battery Charger
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Manual
  • H-491009 Dielectric Tripod
  • H-491050 Probe Tripod Adaptor

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Key Features

  • Broad Frequency Response 
  • Three Concentric Orthogonal Field Sensors
  • True RMS Detection
  • Wide Dynamic Range

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