94106-1 Current Probe
ETS-Lindgren's Model 94106-1 Current Probe has a 3.175 cm (1.25 in) window measurement probe covering the frequency range from 100 kHz to 400 MHz.



​ETS-Lindgren's Model 94106-1 Current Probe has a 3.175 cm (1.25 in) window measurement probe covering the frequency range from 100 kHz to 400 MHz. The 94106-1 is ideal for monitoring injected current on cables during bulk current injection tests such as RTCA/DO-160C Section 20 conducted susceptibility or MIL-STD-462D Test Method CS114. Another application of an extended range probe such as the 94106-1 is as a diagnostic tool in searching for cable common mode current sources of radiated emissions, and as measurement of cable common mode coupled currents during radiated susceptibility testing. The different -X models have different cw and pulsed RF current sensitivity.

The 3.18 cm (1.25 in) window makes the 94106-1 probe suitable for measurements on almost any size power cable (AWG 4/0 cable, good for several hundred amps, is 12.7 mm (0.5 in) diameter, exclusive of insulation). Probe saturation current is compatible with the current carrying capacity of wires placed in its window.

Key Product Information

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Frequency Minimum: 100 kHz
Frequency Maximum: 450 MHz
Load Impedance: 50 +/- j0
Maximum Primary Current Amps:
  • 400 Hz: 200
  • DC-60 Hz: 200
  • Pulse: 50
  • RF(CW) : 20
Transfer Impedance: 1 to 10 Ω
Outside Diameter: 8.26 cm (3.25 in)
Window Diameter: 3.18 cm (1.25 in)
Weight: 0.43 kg (0.95 lb)
Width: 3.56 cm (1.40 in)



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Key Features

  • For Standards Testing and Pre-compliance Applications 
  • Measures RF Current Without Direct Connection

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http://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/probes-monitors/emc-probes/current-probes/9006/900608<a href="/sites/etsauthor/ProductBrochures/General%20Brochures/Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf</a>




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