EMPower Power Meter Model 7002-009

Probes - ETS-Lindgren RF Probe 7002-009

ETS-Lindgren’s EMPowerTM 7002-009 RF Power Meter offers excellent RMS measurement accuracy with high measurement speed.

The EMPower 7002-009 uses a true RMS detector to provide accurate measurements of non-sinusoidal RF signals over the entire measurement range.  The higher accuracy and faster measurements are the result of the detector having a DC voltage proportional to the RF RMS value of the input signal.

The 7002-009 offers a high dynamic range of up to 80 dB over the measurement frequency range from 4 kHz to 6 GHz, maintaining its high measurement speed of up to 5 MS/s over the entire input power range.

ETS-Lindgren’s EMPower 7002-009 power meter offers increased accuracy of +/- 0.2 dB over the measurement frequency range.  With active input ranging, the error contribution for non-sinusoidal signals with a high crest factor is less than 0.2 dB. The input VSWR of the power meter is optimized to minimize measurement uncertainty, making the 7002-009 ideal for accurate RF power measurements.

The 7002-009 offers a ruggedized aluminum housing providing good RF shielding and a sleek appearance.  With a USB interface that allows direct connection to TILE!, the 7002-009 is easy to use.

Key Features
  • Accurate RF RMS Power Measurements
  • High Dynamic Range and Speed
  • Ruggedized Housing
  • Easy to use
  • TILE! Software Supported
Physical Specifications

Dimensions and Connections

Dimensions of measuring device (LxWxH)
125.2 mm x 44.5 mm x 32 mm (4.9” x 1.75” x 1.26”)
RF input connector
N type precision
Data connector (power head side)
USB mini type B

Supply voltage
+5Vdc from USB port (4,75 V to 5,25 V)
Current consumption (USB)
Max. 500 mA
Environmental Conditions

Temperature range (operating)
0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
Temperature range (storage)
-20º to 85º C (-4º to 185º F)
Relative humidity
10 – 90% (non-condensing)

EN 61326
Low Voltage
3 year

Electrical Specifications

Measurement Function
RMS Power
Measurement Speed
1 MS/s | 5 MS/s
Measurement Units
dBm or Watt
0.01 dB
Zero Adjustment
Not Required
Input Damage Level
> +20dB
Measurement Range & Accuracy

Frequency Range
4 kHz to 6 GHz
Power Measuring Range
Frequency                      Max (dB)                Min (dB)
4 kHz - 100 MHz                 10                          -70
100 MHz - 1.5 GHz             10                          -65
1.5 GHz - 3.5 GHz               10                          -60
3.5 GHz - 4.5 GHz               10                          -55
4.5 GHz - 6 GHz                   10                         -50
Frequency Response Accuracy (at 23° C +/-2° C)
+/- 0.2 dB
Linearity Error
0.05 dB + 0.005 dB/dB
Temperature Effect
0.15 dB Over Full Temperature Range
Deviation from CW for Signals with High Crest Factor
< 0.2 dB

Maximum SWR
1.05 @ Below 100 MHz
1.15 @ 100 MHz to 6 GHz