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The door has a single-axis motion for reliable performance. A narrow profile maximizes the use of space in the intra-operative environment. The IOSD features quiet performance and motion, which helps it to seamlessly blend into the room.​ The door has a built-in safety feature utilizing light curtains for closing the doors and multiple interlock capabilities which prevent accidental opening or closing of the door. The manual operation of the door is simple and user-friendly in the case of a power failure. 


The Intra-Operative Sliding Door is compatible with all MRI systems and their RF requirements. 

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Air Supply (Pneumatic Requirements): Clean, Dry Air; Minimum 100 psi, 10 cfm 
Power Input: 100-240 VAC, 2.8-1.4 A, 50/60 Hz 
Output: 24 VDC, 5 A, 120 W (for all Electronic Door Control & Components), UL and CE rated 
Door Motion Transport: All Pneumatic 
Door Control Signals: Electro-pneumatic, 24 VDC
Safety Features: Six foot light curtain on doors when closing, emergency stop push button on control panel. Pressure sensor tape to detect obstructions during opening. 
User Interface: Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Touch Screen with a keyed lockout to prevent unauthorized use.
Standard User Connections: “Doors Full Open,” “Doors Full Closed,” and “Magnet in Use” signals, Fire Alarm
Standard Interlocks: One Single OR Door, One Double OR Door, MRI Magnet Mover, Other Intra-Operative Sliding Door (if Applicable)
Optional Interface/Interlock Functionality: Additional OR Door interlocks, Low Oxygen Alarm, Quench/Low Oxygen Exhaust Fans, and Air Purge Cycle Fans

Key Features

  • Compatible with all MRI Systems and Their RF Requirements 
  • Single-axis Motion 
  • Narrow Design for Additional Space in Rooms 
  • Quiet Performance and Motion 
  • Multiple Interlock Capabilities for Safety and Security

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