RF Shielded Floors - ETS-Lindgren
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Key Features

  • Monolithic RF Floor
  • Modular Cell Type RF Floor
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  • ETS-Lindgren offers two types of RF Shielded Floors; Monolithic and Modular. Monolithic flooring is ideal for installations in moist, damp environments while modular flooring is a good choice when quick installation is necessary. Our in-place Monolithic manufacturer-certified flooring consists of structurally bonded materials that include a copper RF attenuator, dielectric material, and a moisture resistant barrier. This flooring also features fully-bonded materials, a concrete underlayment, and is ready for final finishes once installed. Modular RF flooring uses a copper, aluminum, or galvanized-clad wood core with non-ferrous panels utilized below the MRI. A mechanical non-ferrous clamping system joins the panels together.