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Key Features

  • Convenient portable format
  • Easy-to-use operational interface
  • Customizable for energy-savings and sensitivity
  • Three analysis modes for better scanning results
    • Head
    • Body
    • All-metals
  • Alarm options of acoustic and/or vibration
  • Download PDF Datasheet
  • The MRI Patient Scanner is a portable metal detector (FMDS) which combines high sensitivity to ferromagnetic metals with immunity to non-ferromagnetic metals.

    The scanner has 3 analysis modes that are selectable via the easy-to-use keyboard interface. To ensure optimum operating conditions for the scanner, the patient should be lying on a metal-free bed.

    1. HEAD: provides high sensitivity to very small ferromagnetic objects, but can also allow for discrimation of items such as dental implants.
    2. BODY: provides high sensitivity to small ferromagnetic objects, but can also allow for discrimination of items within the body such as a non-ferromagnetic metal prostheses.
    3. ALL-METALS: provides high sensitivity to all types of materials, detecting both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic metal objects helping to identify anything on or in the patient which should not be taking into the strong magnetic field area.

    By using all three modes, the MRI Suite staff can obtain an indication of any metals used inside the patient and of their magnetic suspectibility. Together, with written and verbal questionaires, the staff will have a clear picture of the risk situation and be able to make the most appropriate decisions for optimal patient and facility care.