EVO Air MRI Door - ETS-Lindgren
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Key Features

  • Easy-open, Lever-style Handle
  • Flat Threshold
  • Obscured Seals
  • Seals Automatically
  • Available in RF-Shielded and Acoustic Configurations, Single or Double Door
  • Excellent for New or Existing Construction
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  • ETS-Lindgren EVO Air Door offers revolutionary, leading-edge MRI door technology in a lightweight, mechanically operated, high performance shielded door. The EVO Air Door is available in three distinct door configurations: RF-Shielded, Acoustic and Dual leaf. Each door is distinguished by a pneumatically operated, bladderless, gasketless, fingerless, virtually maintenance-free RF sealing system that ensures greater reliability, yet maintains ease of use.

    Optional Accessories:

    All doors in the EVO Series are customizable, and allow for many options and feartures required to meet specific needs or concerns of every installation. These options include:

      • Windows up to 60.96 cm X 60.96 cm (24 in X 24 in)
      • Magnetic Lock
      • Keypad
      • Blow-out Panel
      • Automatic Open/Close
      • Safe IV Port

    Optional Shielding Materials:

    For further customization of the EVO Door Series, ETS-Lindgren can include additional shielding materials, such as lead or steel, to the door system where multiple modalities are connected.

    View the EVO Air MRI Door technical specifications below

    Physical Specifications

    Nominal Sizes Include:

    .91 m x 2.13 m (3 ft x 7 ft)
    1.22 m x 2.13 m (4 ft x 7 ft)