Key Product Information


For safety and security, the MRDS comes with the industry standard key and thumb latch door hardware. The door can be installed as an in-swing or out-swing door.


RF View Window

Another option is the 60.96 cm x 60.396 cm (2 ft x 2 ft) RF View Window that can be placed into the door. This allows one to view into or out of the MRI suite, making sure that no one is immediately in the way of the door before opening it. The RF View Window uses the same safety glass and double layer screen mesh as the control room RF View Window.



Available in various sizes and con-figurations, the MRDS can fulfill many needs. While typically sold in a 1.22 m x 2.13 m (4 ft x 7 ft) size; it is also available in 0.91 m x 2.13 m (3 ft x 7 ft), 1.07 m x 2.13 m (3.5 ft x 7 ft), and 1.52 m x 2.13 m (5 ft x 7 ft) as a stocked item. Other widths and heights are available, but may require some additional design and manufacturing time. Please contact ETS-Lindgren for additional information.


Variety Of Door Sizes And Combinations

Typically, an MRI suite utilizes a single door for patient entry, however the MRDS is also available as a double door if additional space is needed. Again, a variety of door sizes and combinations are available:

  • Dual 1.22 m (4 ft) Door Leafs

  • 1.22 m and 0.91 m (4 ft and 3 ft) Leafs

  • 1.22 m and 0.61 m (4 ft and 2 ft) Leafs

If your size differs from above, please contact your ETS-Lindgren representative to discuss your custom door requirements. 


RF Upgrades

​MR suites often upgrade to newer MR systems. Upgrading the RF door should be considered at that time as well. The MRDS door is ideal for upgrading existing MR suites. It easily and simply ties into existing RF shields with a typical installation time of a single day, two if the RF shield is not an ETS-Lindgren shield.



The MRDS door meets the RF attenuation specifications of all clinical, and most research, MR systems. If you have questions, or are unsure about your requirements, please contact an ETS-Lindgren representative for the appropriate RF door for your MR.
The optional STC 34 acoustic version of the MRDS door offers enhanced sound attenuation when integrated with other sound abatement elements, associated with both general MR suite construction and RF shield components.


System Installation

With a new RF shield, installation of the MRDS door requires a single day. The MRDS is also ideal for upgrading MR suites. It easily and simply ties into existing RF shields. To modify an existing RF shield, the installation typically requires a single day for an ETS-Lindgren shield and can increase to two or more days for non-ETS-Lindgren shields. Installations are site specific and vary.

Key Features

  • Acoustic Versions Available
  • Low Profile Threshold Key
  • Thumb Latch Lock
  • Ergonomic Handle Design
  • Lightweight

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