Key Product Information

​​Highly Reliable Sealing, Easy-open, Easy-close Operation

Traditional RF doors typically require excessive force for opening and closing, due to a friction RF seal design. Frictional forces are eliminated in the EVO Air, resulting in a smooth, highly reliable, easy-open, easy-close operation. The door automatically seals when pulled into the closed position. The logic mechanism for both the open and close operation is easily activated by the door handle. The door operates on a standard 115 VAC service and clean, dry shop air at 60 to 120 psi or equivalent international standards.

Designed for Safety

A flat threshold allows for smooth patient transport. Safety is assured with features such as an ADA-compliant latch and lock mechanism, an emergency “Open” button that can be mounted per customers’ needs, and a fail-safe logic and controller system that fails in the “Open” position in the event of power or air pressure loss. By interfacing with the logic system, additional safety features can be added, such as card readers, magnetic locks, door closers and more.  Heavy duty, all stainless- steel frame construction provides the strength and endurance required for automation, while ADA-compliant flat thresholds make patient transport smooth and effortless. The EVO Air features attractive hardware and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Acoustic Door

The EVO Air Acoustic door has been designed and developed to deliver exceptional STC ratings for sound abatement. Louder gradients can be annoying to rooms surrounding the MRI suite. The specially developed acoustical seal design, core material and overall weight aid in minimizing sound transmission while providing automatic RF sealing and minimal opening and closing forces.

  • STC-32
  • STC-44

RF-Shielded Configuration

The EVO Air RF-Shielded Doors offer attractive hardware along with a laminate finish. The EVO Air Door provides 100 dB attenuation over frequency ranges of up to 450 MHz and is ideal for surgical MRI suites with its automatic sealing operation.

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Nominal Sizes Include:

.91 m x 2.13 m (3 ft x 7 ft)
1.22 m x 2.13 m (4 ft x 7 ft)

Optional Accessories:

All doors in the EVO Series are customizable, and allow for many options and feartures required to meet specific needs or concerns of every installation.  These options include:

  • Windows up to 60.96 cm X 60.96 cm (24 in X 24 in)
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Kep Pad
  • Blow-out Panel
  • Automatic Open/Close
  • Safe IV Port

Optional Shielding Materials:

For further customization of hte EVO Door Series, ETS-Lindgren can add additional shielding materials, such as lead or steel, to the door system where multiple modalities are connected.

Key Features

  • Easy-Open, Easy-Close
  • Flat Threshold
  • Easy-open Lever-style Handle
  • Obscured Seals
  • Seals Automatically
  • Available in RF-Shielded and Acoustic Configurations, Single or Double Door
  • Excellent for New or Existing Construction

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