Key Product Information

​​External Ferromagnetic Detection

The SAFESCAN Target Scanner detects ferromagnetic objects on the patient, such as bobby pins and cell phones. NOTE: SAFESCAN Target Scanners are for the detection of external objects and not intended for detecting internal ferromagnetic objects.

Secondary Screening of Patient

The SAFESCAN Target Scanner is an important part of a comprehensive MRI safety screening system. Target Scanners are ideal for physically screening a patient once they have been cleared to enter the magnet room/Zone IV.

Meets Multiple Standards

Unlike metal detectors, ferromagnetic detectors are recommended by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and are compliant with The Joint Commission (TJC) and the Veterans Affairs (VA) best-practice MR safety mandates.​

Screen Mobility-restricted Patients

SAFESCAN Target Scanners can be positioned very closely to a ferromagnetic threat, allowing for the most effective screening of patients in wheelchairs or gurneys, and greatly increasing detectability of smaller ferromagnetic threats.
Since MRI carriages have ferromagnetic components, these will trigger an alarm on sensitive ferromagnetic detection systems. Additionally, transferring a patient from a gurney or wheelchair to a non-ferromagnetic gurney and then to the MRI carriage is cumbersome and time consuming. In these cases, the SAFESCAN Target Scanner is a very helpful ferromagnetic detection tool.

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  • ​Standard Configuration
    • Hardwood Wall Mount
    • SAFESCAN Target Scanner



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SAFESCAN® Ferromagnetic Target Scanner™ ETS-Lindgren's SAFESCAN® Target Scanners are specifically designed for MR safety, and alarm only on detection of ferromagnetic threats.
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SafeScan® Ferromagnetic Detection Systems ETS-Lindgren's SAFESCAN® Single and Dual Pillar Systems offer continuous 'walk by' ferromagnetic detection for hallways or doorways.

Key Features

  • Targeted External Ferromagnetic Detection
  • Ideal for Use with SAFESCAN MRI Ferromagnetic Screeners
  • Complies with ACR, TJC and VA MR Safety Documents
  • Provides for Screening of Ambulatory and Mobility-Restricted Patients

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