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Enclosure Exterior
Door Opening​​Rack Size
​Model 252580
​28 in x 28 in x 86 in
​20 in x 80 in
​24 in deep, 19 in integrated rack
​Model 252036
​28 in x 24 in x 42 in
​20 in x 30 in
​20 in deep, 19 in integrated rack

  • ​Sold in two different size options
  • Custom sizes and mounting available
  • 100 dB performance available for TEMPEST applications
  • Data filters available for most applications
  • Fiber optic waveguide feedthroughs and converters used for most data transfer and control 
  • Floor standing, table top and wall mountable systems available

Key Features

  • Modular Bolt-Together Shielding System with Hardness Critical Item (HCI) Certified Performance
  • 80 dB of Shielding Effectiveness Up to 10 GHz
  • Red Edge HEMP Power Line Filtering
  • Customizable Data Feedthrough and Filters
  • Passive, Forced Air or Liquid Cooling Supported
  • High Performance, Low Maintenance Door
  • Shielding effectiveness exceeds MIL-STD 188-125 requirements * 
  • Progressive latching, easy to operate door assembly

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