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The all-welded PSD is constructed from low carbon, hot rolled structural steel. The door frame consists of structural tube steel machined for flatness, treated with a pure tin coating, and welded in place to provide the structural base for the pocket assembly. The door leaf features two thermal-bonded, tin-coated shielding skins which are mechanically attached to a leaf frame of aluminum or steel.

Bolt-on inspection/service panels, for door removal and pneumatic system access, are installed on the door pocket in areas that facilitate easy access for adjustments and/or repairs.

During pneumatic operation, rubber composite bladders inside the door frame are inflated, and the compression of the thermal-bonded, tin-coated surfaces creates a tight seal. For smooth and responsive operation, an inspection cover plate for the overhead carriage track utilizes a pneumatic cable cylinder. Oversized doors are available to accommodate vehicles, aircraft, and large industrial equipment and are available in a full range of custom sizes.


The PSD provides ultra-high performance attenuation levels when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285?IEEE-299 and exceeds the performance of NSA 94-106, NSA 65-6, and CID/09/12A. The PSD can be configured to maintain 120 dB attenuation over frequency ranges from 1 KHz to 18 GHz.


Semi-automatic operation is appropriate for low to medium traffic areas. The semi-automatic door is opened and closed manually with inset handles conveniently located on the interior and exterior skins, to help facilitate the opening and closing operation. The RF sealing process is operated by a control valve or button mounted on a control panel, on both sides of the door. A fail-safe limit valve in the door pocket prevents the door from being inflated unless it is fully closed.

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Magnetic Fields: 20 dB @ 30 KHz Rising to 90 dB @ 400 Hz and 120 dB 1KHz
Electric Fields: 120 dB from 1 KHz to 50 MHz
Plane Waves: 120 dB from 50 MHz to 1 GHz
Microwaves: 120 dB from 10 GHz to 18 GHz, Decreasing to 100 dB @ 40 GHz



ASDS Door ​ETS-Lindgren's ASDS Door is designed to provide a reliable, economical door for your facility. <br>
Auto-Latching Door System ​​​ETS-Lindgren's Auto-Latching Door System for EMI/RFI Shielded Rooms maintain the highest level of shielding effectiveness in EMI/RFI enclosures while providing user-friendly enclosure door operation.
Double Knife Edge Door ​​ETS-Lindgren's Double Knife Edge Door (DKE) is a heavy-duty door, constructed of exceptionally rugged materials with designed-in reinforcements. 
Euroshield RFD-60 Swing Door ETS-Lindgren's RFD-60 doors are designed for easy, lightweight operation and performance made in accordance with MIL-STD-285.
Euroshield RFD-F/A-100 ETS-Lindgren's RFD-F/A-100 Swing Doors meet the performance of the standard 100-type doors up to 40 GHz and are especially designed for the additional load of ferrites and short absorbers (max. 50 kg/m<sup>2</sup>). <br>
Euroshield RFSD-100 Sliding Door ETS-Lindgren's RFSD-100 Sliding Doors are designed to meet the highest shielding requirements.<br>
Euroshield SRFSD-100 sliding doors ETS-Lindgren's SRFSD-100 sliding doors are designed for applications in the reverb chambers and partial discharge rooms and according to the customer's requirements.
Euroshield SRFSD-F/A-100 ETS-Lindgren's SRFSD-F/A-100 and SRFSD-F/A-100ABS Sliding Doors are designed and manufactured for special anechoic chamber applications, according to the customer´s requirements.
Euroshield iRFD-100 Swing Door <p>ETS-Lindgren's iRFD-100 doors are designed for high performance operation, made in accordance with MIL-STD-285</p>
PSD Pneumatic Sliding Door ETS-Lindgren's Pneumatic Sliding Door (PSD) System is an all-welded access door for RF shielded enclosures.
Single Knife Edge™ DoorETS-Lindgren's Single Knife Edge™ (SKE) Door offers superior knife edge door reliability, performance and longevity.

Key Features

  • Warranties Cover Parts and Labor for One Year 
  • Exceeds NSA 94-106, NSA 65-6, and CID/09/12A Requirements 
  • Control Panel that Allows Safe Semi- or Fully-automatic Operation for Personnel, Equipment, or Emergency Exit Access 
  • Reliable, Advanced Pneumatic Sliding Door Technology for EMI/RFI Shielding Systems 
  • Maintains 120 dB Attenuation Over a Broad Frequency Range from 1 KHz to 18 GHz

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