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5240 Tabletop Test Enclosure for Industrial Config ​ETS-Lindgren's Series 5240 RF-Shielded Tabletop Test Enclosures for industrial are high performance, portable shielded enclosures designed for fast, convenient EMI/RFI testing and verification.​​
DEI Enclosures ETS-Lindgren's standard modular or custom DEI screen industrial shielding enclosures provide the highest shielding performance available in a "hear-through, see-through" structure. 
EMP Mitigation-Red Edge Pulse Protection<p>​​Red Edge™ products stand alone by offering the highest protection level possible for your data systems and business equipment, which was previously only available to government and military facilities.</p>
Series 101 Shielded Rooms ETS-Lindgren's Series 101 RF Shielded Construction System meets and substantially exceeds all RF shielding requirements. The system consists of modular, hot galvanized rigid steel structural panels.
Series 71 Shielded Rooms ​​The Series 71 Copper Screen Room is designed to provide a radio-silent environment to perform electronic product trouble-shooting as well as conducted emissions and radiated emissions EMC testing.
Series 81 RF Shielded Enclosures<p>ETS-Lindgren's Series 81 RF Shielded Enclosure uses a time-proven design for superior Radio Frequency Shielding and EMI Shielding applications.</p>
Series 83 Shielded Rooms ​​​ETS-Lindgren's Series 83 RF Shielded Enclosures are a fully-custom shielding option for specialized applications such as electron microscopes and physiological studies.
Welded Fabrication Enclosures <p>ETS-Lindgren's Welded Fabrication Enclosures combine the welded fabrication concept with full-service capabilities ranging from initial consultation, design, engineering, and fabrication to final testing certification to provide maximum shielding effectiveness over many years of service.</p>

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Protection Level 1: Survival of Data and Equipment

Protection Level 2: Survival and Continuous Operations

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