ETS-Lindgren and Trusted Systems'​​ Full Tempest Information Processing System (TIPS) Security Container is designed for high threat classified applications. It combines the superior physical strength of a GSA Approved Class 5 Security Container with the highest-performance shielding available in a Tempest Shielded Enclosure.

The TIPS Security Container integrates physical and Tempest security so as to maintain configuration flexibility, regardless of changes in hardware, technology or the security landscape. This Container is offered in two depths, 114.3 cm (45 in) and 132.08 cm (52 in), for added flexibility in equipment sizing and placement. It enables modular transportability as facility allocations change, without the expense and restrictions imposed by SCIFs, vaults or strong rooms.

Designed for unattended, closed-door operation, the TIPS Security Container enables continuous, secured operations worldwide while providing a contaminant-free environment. Remote high-threat sites and lock-and-leave posts can maintain 24/7 network availability for message traffic or overnight processing.

Furthermore, the TIPS Security Container frees the user from performance restrictions imposed by Tempest hardware, as well as the inordinate expense. Users can stay current with technology using competitively priced COTS equipment. Excessive maintenance costs, especially for overseas operations, can be substantially reduced.

Key Product Information


The TIPS Security Container is constructed as two autonomous enclosures, one within the other. The outer safe offers full GSA Class 5 physical protection, with its electronic lock and armored hardplate, and is welded at all seams. To this, Trusted Systems adds a sealed high-performance cooling system. This cooling system uses a heat exchanger that extracts heat (up to 4,000 Btu/Hr) without polluting the interior space with dust, dirt, moisture, smoke, chemicals or other contaminants from the outside air. A secured cable box and cable carrier allow easy routing of data and power cables for connection to ETS-Lindgren's Tempest 

Shielded Enclosure.

Designed to maximize the interior available space, the enclosure is constructed of 24 oz copper shielding applied to a 1.9 cm (3/4 in) plywood core frame, soldered at all seams. The front is accessible by a dual finger stock RF door with over center draw latches. It has a bolted left-side panel for access to the interior of the enclosure. The RF power filter, ground stud and brass bulkhead connector panel are mounted on the rear of the enclosure. Shielded waveguide air vents are mounted front and rear, augmented by two fans, to facilitate air flow for equipment cooling.
A 19" rack mount assembly has been mounted inside the Tempest Shielded Enclosure with vertical rails at the front and rear for equipment installation (21U vertical rack space).
A ball bearing track assembly supports the Tempest Shielded Enclosure inside the safe with removable tracks for rolling the enclosure in and out to facilitate installation and service.


The TIPS Security Container meets or exceeds the GSA Class 5 Federal Specification AA-F-00363 for physical security containers. The Tempest Shielded Enclosure meets or exceeds the NSA Tempest Specification 94-106 and has been verified by an independent government test facility.


Once the Tempest Shielded Enclosure has been rolled out of the safe on the ball bearing track assembly, removal of the left-side panel exposes the interior for rack mounting of equipment and making cable connections. The TIPS Security Container's heat exchanger is installed at the factory with its own switching power supply requiring a universal AC outlet to power its DC fans. Two additional DC fans are mounted to the rear of the Tempest Shielded Enclosure with a separate power supply requiring a second universal AC outlet.

Power and data cables are routed through the cable box located at the rear of the safe. This enclosure accepts any combination of data or power cables or cable bundles up to 1.59 cm (5/8 in) in diameter (6 slots maximum). Cables can be routed without removing connectors and no tools are required for installation. Once installed, the cables can be secured to the cable carrier for connection to the Tempest Shielded Enclosure.​


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​Tempest Shielded Enclosures​ 

Door Opening (Height x Width): 104.14 cm x 49.53 cm (41 in x 19.5 in) 
Inside (Height x Width x Depth): 108.46 cm x 54.6 cm x 85.1 cm (42.7 in x 21.5 in x 33.5 in)  
Inside (Height x Width x Depth): 108.46 cm x 54.6 cm x 67.31 cm (42.7 in x 21.5 in x 26.5 in) 
Outside (Height x Width x Depth): 114.3 cm x 58.42 cm x 88.9 cm (45 in x 23 in x 35 in) 
Outside (Height x Width x Depth): 114.3 cm x 58.42 cm x 71.12 cm (45 in x 23 in x 28 in) 
Weight: 659.52 kg (1,454 lb) 
Weight: 712.14 kg (1,570 lb)

Tips Security Containers 

Door Opening (Height x Width)123.19 cm x 61.6 cm (48.5 in x 24.25 in) 
Outside (Height x Width x Depth): 130.18 cm x 78.74 cm x 114.3 cm (51.25 in x 31 in x 45 in)  
Outside (Height x Width x Depth): 130.18 cm x 78.74 cm x 132.08 cm  (51.25 in x 31 in x 52 in)  
Track Extension: 111.76 cm (44 in) (from Front Edge of Safe)
Weight: 95.25 kg (210 lb)

Key Features

  • Integrated Transparent Security; Contaminant-free Operating Environment 
  • Flexible Configuration and Modular Transportability for Changing Equipment/Facility Requirements 
  • GSA Approved Class 5 Security Container with High-performance Tempest Shielded Enclosure
  • Unattended, Closed-door Operation; 24/7 Secured Network Availability 
  • Rolling, Removable Track Assembly for Ease in Installation and Service

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