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Flectron metalized non-woven fabrics are random formations of individual fibers, unlike woven fabrics. They offer multiple layers of protection with no specific mesh opening size.
The material is easy to handle. It is sold in continuous rolls that are a long as 500 yards. The material cuts with scissors and is hung with wallpaper paste, like any wall covering. The fabric is lightweight, flexible and breathable.
Unlike sheet metal, the fabric allows a shielded room to “breath,” helping to minimize the buildup of humidity and condensation that could damage electronic devices. Flexibility of the fabric allows the room to vibrate, as from tremor or earthquakes, and not suffer damage-causing loss of shielding at corners and seams.

Properties and Applications 

  • Architectural shielding
  • Gaskets
  • Tapes
  • Ribbon
  • Used in Conjunction with Conventional Shielding Materials

Standard Construction

The material is applied over the contractor-provided drywall-covered walls and ceiling that have been painted or sealed. Vinyl-to-vinyl adhesive (or equivalent) is used to install the conductive fabric. The adhesive is applied to all wall and ceiling surfaces by roller, brush or by spraying. Where material is overlapped, excess adhesive is removed then a hard roller, under pressure, should be rolled over the lap joint. Corner heels are applied to all corners of the room. The corner fabric will overlap the corner heel fabric by a minimum of 7.62 cm (3 in). The floor shielding material is installed to a minimum of 7.62 cm (3 in) up on all existing room walls, thus forming a “pan” configuration on the floor. Multiple layers of Flectron material can be used around mechanical penetrations such as door frames, filters, and vents for a gasket effect. For best results, all surfaces should be smooth and clean before the application of the Flectron product.

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Surface ResistivelyΩ≤0.07
Far-field ShieldingEffectiveness(Typical)
​At 100 MHzdB​105
​At 1 GHz​dB​90
Substrate​Polyester Non-woven​Flexible, Breathable
​Metal​Ni/Cu​Corrosion Resistant, Highly Conductive
​Basis Weight​1.8 to 3.0 oz/yd2Lightweight
Thickness0.41 mm (​0.016 in)Provides Excellent Shielding
​Metal Weight​0.58 to 1.40 oz/yd2​Excellent Electrical Properties
​Max Short Duration Temp210o C (410o F)​Allows Thermal Processing



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