Key Product Information

Superior Single Shield Design

To ensure the highest shielding performance, ETS-Lindgren's all-welded shielded room concept typically uses a single layer of high-grade, hot-rolled steel sheet material in sizes designed to minimize seam footage. It is constructed using varying steel in thicknesses from 1.905 mm to 12.70 mm (.075 in to .500 in).

Structural Framework

The structural framework of the welded shielded room is freestanding and conforms to the Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the latest American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards.

RF Seam and Joint Integrity 

ETS-Lindgren's all-welded room design has no mechanical seams that can result in high maintenance and serious loss of shielding effectiveness. The welded seams are unaffected by corrosion, oxidation and mechanical expansion brought about by temperature and humidity changes.

High RF Attenuation 

ETS-Lindgren's all-welded shielded room design has set the standard for reliable shielding performance in the industry's most demanding applications. It exceeds the RF performance requirements of government specifications MIL-STD 285, IEEE 299, NSA 65-6/94-106 and CID 09.12 as well as commercial needs. This pre-engineered, all-welded shielding concept offers long-term, maintenance-free RF performance and superior structural integrity to support shielding requirements from 30 Hz to 94 GHz and above.

Portable All-Welded Buildings 

Smaller all-welded shielded rooms can be built on rollers, or may be set up with lifting hooks or on a base platform, to allow transport by truck, helicopter, air transport, or forklift to a selected site. The ability to relocate the shielded environment as needed makes the portable all-welded design an economical and ideal choice for many military and commercial applications. Portable all-welded rooms are available up to a maximum size of 3.05 m W x 3.05 m H x 12.19 m L (10 ft x 10 ft x 40 ft). 




5240 Table Top Test Enclosure for Government​ETS-Lindgren's Series 5240 RF-Shielded Tabletop Test Enclosures for government are high performance, portable shielded enclosures designed for fast, convenient EMI/RFI testing and verification.​​<br>
Architectural Shielding Material for Government ETS-Lindgren's Architectural Shielded Enclosure is made using Flectron® materials, which are metallized fabrics whose primary application is electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.
DEI Enclosures for Government ​​​​​​ETS-Lindgren's standard modular or custom DEI shielding enclosures provide the highest shielding performance available using various combinations of steel and copper<br>
Series 101 Pan Form Rooms ETS-Lindgren's Series 101 RF shielded construction system meets and substantially exceeds all RF shielding requirements. The system consists of modular, hot galvanized rigid steel structural panels.
Series 81 Shielded Rooms for Government ETS-Lindgren's Series 81 Shielding System is the most commonly specified construction for NSA 65-6/NSA 94-106 and MIL-STD-285/IEEE 299 testing requirements.
Tempest Information Processing System (TIPS) Security Container ETS-Lindgren and Trusted Systems'​ Full Tempest Information Processing System (TIPS) Security Container is designed for high threat classified applications.
Welded Fabrication Enclosures for Government ​​ETS-Lindgren's Welded Fabrication Enclosures are ideal for demanding RF shielding applications requiring higher RF performance and broader frequency range protection.

Key Features

  • Exceeds RF Performance Requirements of MIL-STD 285, IEEE 299, NSA 65-6/94-106, CID 09.12 
  • Can be Enhanced to Meet the Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) Requirements of DIAM 50-3/DCID 1/21 
  • Welded Seams Unaffected by Corrosion, Oxidation, and Mechanical Expansion

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