Pneumatic Sliding Door (PSD) System

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Reliable, advanced pneumatic sliding door technology for EMI/RFI shielding systems

The ETS-Lindgren Pneumatic Sliding Door (PSD) system is an all-welded access door of RF shielded enclosures featuring an advanced pneumatic control system for high reliability and minimal maintenance.


The PSD Model is primarily designed for all-welded, RF shielded enclosures, secure facilities, or anechoic chambers. With its precision sliding operation, it is ideal for high traffic environments, and areas where the physical location does not allow for space for a swing type door.

PSD Construction

The all-welded PSD is constructed from low carbon, hot rolled steel. The door frame consists of structural tube steel machined for flatness, treated with a pure tin coating, and welded in place to provide the structural base for the pocket assembly. The door leaf features two thermal bonded tin coated shielding skins which are mechanically attached to a leaf frame of aluminum or steel.

Bolt-on inspection/service panels, for door removal and pneumatic system access, are installed on the door pocket in areas that facilitate easy access for adjustments and/or repairs.

During pneumatic operation, rubber composite bladders inside the door frame are inflated, and the compression of the thermal bonded tin coated surfaces creates a tight seal.

Oversized doors are available to accommodate vehicles, aircraft and large industrial equipment and are available in a full range of custom sizes.

Typical Performance

The PSD provides ultra-high performance attenuation levels when tested in accordance with MIL-STD-285 and exceeds the performance of NSA 65-5, NSA 94-106, and CID/09/12A. The PSD can be configured to maintain 120 dB attenuation over frequency ranges from 400 Hz to 40 GHz.

Semi-Automatic Operation

Semi-automatic operation is appropriate for low to medium traffic areas. The semi-automatic door is opened and closed manually with inset handles conveniently located on the interior and exterior skins, to help facilitate the opening and closing operation.

The RF sealing process is operated by a control valve or button mounted on a control panel, on both sides of the door. A fail-safe limit valve in the door pocket prevent the door from being inflated unless it is fully closed.

Fully Automatic Operation

Fully automatic operation is appropriate in high traffic personnel areas, main or access controlled entrances, and mandatory for oversized doors.

The door opening process can be controlled by a push button, rotary switch, floor mats or infrared sensors. Pressure switches or other sensing devices may be used to activate door closure. Upon activation, the internal bladder deflates and the door leaf immediately retracts to the fully opened position. Door closing, activated by the access device, is a reversal of the opening process.

Safety Features

The PSD incorporates numerous safety features to assure compliance with local, state and federal safety requirements. Emergency override and dump valves are included to shut down the pneumatics system when activated. In the event of pneumatic system failure, the door is rendered operable only in a manual mode. And optional safety bumper may also be positioned on the leading edge of the door, which retracts the door if an object is encountered during closing.

Interface Capabilities

The PSD can be integrated with various security systems, fire detection systems and cipher locks. Integration with auto latching, locking hasps, and quick release opening mechanisms may be achieved. Auto ramps and a semi-flush or flush door sill may also be interfaced with this door system.


ETS-Lindgren's standard warranties cover parts and labor for 1 year from the date of installation Extended warranties from 1-5 years and maintenance agreements are available.

Key Features
  • Maintains 120+dB attenuation over a broad frequency range from 400 Hz to 40 GHz
  • Pneumatic logic system utilizing exclusive technology allowing versatility for design implementations in compliance with warning, operational and safety requirements.
  • Control panels for safe semi- or fully-automatic sliding door operation for personnel, equipment or emergency exit access
  • Operates on clean oil-free shop air 80 to 120 psi
  • Flush threshold on door sill for easy equipment transport
  • Inspection cover plate for overhead carriage track which utilizes a pneumatic cable cylinder for smooth and responsive operation
  • Ultra-high performance shielding exceeding MIL-STD-285, NSA 65-5, NSA 94-106, and CID/09/12A
  • Unique low-maintenance, arc sprayed metal-to-metal sealing method eliminating the use of RF gaskets and contact fingers
  • Operational automatic threshold cover plate which is lowered and raised with door operation cycle or lightweight, removable threshold cover plate.
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