RFD-AWD (All Weather Door) - ETS-Lindgren
RFD-AWD (All Weather Door)
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Key Features
  • All-Weather Door Seals and Treatments perfect for:
    •  HEMP
    • RF Modular Enclosures
    • Command and Communication Centers
    • SCIF
    • Modular Shelter Systems
    • Mission Critical Facilities
  • Patented Hinges Allow Final Closing of Door Leaf to be Parallel to Door Frame
  • Includes Interface Frame that can Mount on Any Shielding System
  • Easy to Operate

The RFD-AWD provides high performance in an all-weather door configuration.  The door is easy to operate and provides all weather seals and treatments that maintain performance in harsh weather environments including high and low temperatures, wind, rain, and snow.  The door is ideal for applications requiring an exterior RF shielded door including, secure compartmentalized information facilities (SCIF), High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), RF modular enclosures, Mission Critical Facilities, Command and Communications Centers, Modular Shelter Systems, and many more applications.

The door’s performance is achieved using proven technology similar to the ETS-Lindgren RFD-60 door with RF seals achieved through the door frame utilizing recessed Beryllium Copper fingers. The RFD-AWD utilizes patented hinges allowing the final RF seal of the door leaf to be perfectly parallel to the door frame ensuring an optimal RF seal.

The RFD-AWD’s patented hinges also allow for normal swing of the door leaf and are equipped with bearings providing for increased ease of operation when opening or closing the door. The doors cam followers, not only ensure an optimal RF seal, but reduce the force required when closing the door.

The door offers options for mechanical or welded attachment to a shielding system and is available in two standard sizes.

  • 1200mm x 2100mm (4' x 7')
  • 800mm x 1800mm (2.5' x 6')

Electrical Specifications

Performance Specifications
Magnetic35 dB @ 10 kHz; 100dB 10MHz to 30 MHz
Electric100 dB @ 10 kHz to 30 MHz
Planewave100dB @ 30 MHz to 1 GHz
Microwave100 dB @ 1 GHz; 80 dB @ 10 GHz; 70 dB @ 40 GHz