SRFSD-100 Sliding Doors - ETS-Lindgren
SRFSD-100 Sliding Doors
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Key Features
  • Easily Accommodates Long Absorber Elements
  • Patented Labyrinth Sealing Construction
  • Light and Easy to Handle
  • Ideal Metal-to-metal Contact Between the Door Leaf and the Frame
  • Specially Designed for Additional Load of Ferrites (max. 50 kg/m2)

ETS-Lindgren's SRFSD-100 sliding doors are designed for applications in the reverb chambers and partial discharge rooms and according to the customer's requirements. The doors meet the same high shielding performance level as the standard smaller RFD-100 and RFSD-100 doors.

No electric filters are required for the SRFSD-100 door system. The outside of the door is equipped with the necessary safety edges, warning lights and buzzers. The door can be supported from the chambers frame, or it can have a separate supporting structure, the latter one being the standard solution. Please note that when the vertical structure is left away it most likely requires redesign and stiffening of the construction where the upper part is supported.

To guarantee and maintain the high shielding performance of the door it is essential that the installation is carried out according to the instructions and under ETS-Lindgren supervision and the maintenance instructions are followed carefully.