RFD-60 Swing Door - ETS-Lindgren
RFD-60 Swing Door
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Key Features
  • Patented Hinges Allow Final Closing of door leaf to be Parallel to Door Frame
  • Easy to Operate
  • Pneumatic Option to Further Increase Ease of Operation
  • Permits Normal Door Swing when Door is Opened Wide
  • RF Seal Obtained by Cam Followers

        ETS-Lindgren's RFD-60 doors are designed for easy, lightweight operation and performance tested in accordance with IEEE-299 and MIL-STD-285.

        The RFD-60 door system consists of frame and door in two standard sizes:

        • 1200mm x 2100mm (4' x 7')
        • 900mm x 2100mm (3' x 7')

        The patented hinges allow the final closing of the door allows the door leaf to enter the door pocket parallel to the door frame maximizing the RF performance and also permit a typical swing when the door is opened wide. The final RF seal is obtained by a cam mechanism at both edges of the door. The door has two recessed contact fingers. The door is equipped with bearings increasing the ease of opening and closing the door. The door provides options for mechanical and welded attachment to the shielding system. The door can also be equipped with a pneumatic operating system to ease the operation of the door further. The door is still opened manually; the pneumatic option simply releases/closes the RF-tight locking.

        Electrical Specifications

        Magnetic: 20 dB @ 1 kHz; 56 dB @ 10 kHz; 100 dB @ 200 kHz, 110 dB @ 500 kHz

        Electric : 60 dB @ 1kHz, 110 dB @ 10 kHz to 30 MHz

        Planewave: 110 dB @ 30 MHz to 1 GHz

        Microwave: 100 dB @ 10 GHz

        Product Configuration
        • Door Available in Two Standard Sizes
        • Patented Hinges
        • Door Frame with Beryllium Copper Fingerstock