Key Product Information

Precision Design

All model 2187 turntable tops are precision machined using CNC milling equipment for a smooth, even platform that is warp resistant. The nominal tolerance for flatness is .32 cm (1/8 in) over two meters. Run out tolerances are less than or equal to .16 cm (1/16 in).

The 2187 turntable features a durable bronze filament ground brush and matching wear strip to provide continuous electrical coupling with the ground plane.


The model 2187 turntable includes the ability to set mechanical limits for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, using manually adjustable limit pins. Within the mechanical limits, soft limits can be set using the model 2090 Positioning Controller. The turntables can also be set for continuous rotation. Optional slip rings for EUT power signal lines are recommended if continuous rotation is performed.

Fiber Optic Signal Lines

Signal I/O between the motor base and optional ETS-Lindgren 2090 positioning controller or EMCenter™ is fiber optic, eliminating a potential source of RF interference. The turntable includes 10 meters of fiber optic cable.

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​Distributed Load Rating1
​2.0 m (6.56 ft)
​1000 kg (2,204.60 lb)
​3.0 m (9.84 ft)
​1200 kg (2,645.52 lb)

1Distributed Load Rating: applies when load is evenly distributed on top; no point loads under .19 m2 (2 ft2​) should exceed 100 kg (220 lb); and not over 28.5 kg (63 lb) should be applied to a 45° segment at the table outer edge.

  • Turntable Assembly with Variable Speed Operation 
  • Ground Brush and Floor Flange
  • 10 m Fiber Optic Cable Installation 
  • Supervisor Included (USA Only)
  • Control Unit (Sold Separately): EMCenter with EMControl™
  • EUT power or signal connections



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2188 Turntable ​​ETS-Lindgren Series 2188 Turntables are ideal for today’s EMC test applications where height is a concern and installation options may be limited.​

Key Features

  • Designed for Mid-sized EUTs
  • Shallow Installation Depth

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