​ETS-Lindgren's EMControl™ Position Controller Plug-in Card Model 7006-001 is a plug-in card for our EMCenter Modular RF Platform that enables the user to synchronize simultaneous movement of two ETS-Lindgren positioning devices (for example, towers or turntables) and On/Off operation of an additional auxiliary device (LISN, EUT, etc.).

Key Product Information

Multiple Device Control

Using one slot in the EMCenter™ Modular RF ​Test Platform, the EMControl is a modular plug-in card providing a complete solution for automating positioner operation.
Each EMControl modular plug-in card is capable of controlling two primary positioners. For applications with more than two positioners, additional EMControl cards can be added to the EMCenter.

Local/Remote Operation

Operation of positioning devices can be performed manually through front panel controls on the EMCenter touchscreen interface.
Featuring an ETS-Lindgren Model 2090 compatible command set, EMControl is fully supported by TILE!™ and other test automation software packages via RS-232, LAN, USB, or IEEE-488.

Accurate Variable Speed Positioner Control

The EMControl allows a target location to be entered manually or under software control to redirect the device from its current location to another position.
The EMControl incorporates advanced acceleration and deceleration algorithms required to accurately control variable, high speed drives. 


EMControl is fully compatible with ETS-Lindgren positioners.

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​7006-001 Plug-in Module Feature
Manual and/or Software Controllable​
​Linear Resolution
0.1 mm​
​Rotation Resolution
​Form Factor
Occupies One Slot of EMCenter​
​Fiber Optic I/O
6 Each (2 per Positioner + Auxiliary)​


  • EMControl Positioner Control Plug-in Card Model 7006-001

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Key Features

  • Controls up to Two (2) ETS-Lindgren Positioners
  • 1 Plus 2 Auxiliary Devices Manual & Software Control
  • Accurate Seek & Scan
  • Variable Speed Control

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