6509 Loop Antenna
ETS-Lindgren's Model 6509 Passive Loop Antennas are designed for shielding effectiveness and immunity.




Key Product Information

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Frequency Minimum: 1 kHz
Frequency Maximum: 30 MHz
Connectors: Type N (f)
Impedance (Nominal): 50 Ω
Maximum Input Power: 1 kW
Pattern Type: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Linear
Height: 47.8 cm (18.82 in)
Length: 15.25 cm (6.00 in)
Width: 7.63 cm (3.00 in)
Weight: 1.3 kg (2.87 lb)
  • Antenna/Loop Assembly
  • Drilled Mounting Bracket Accepts an ETS-Lindgren or Other Tripod Mount with Standard 1/4 in x 20 Threads



6512 Shielded Loop Antenna http://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/antennas/loops/4009/4009056512 Shielded Loop Antenna
6509 Loop Antenna http://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/antennas/loops/4009/4009036509 Loop Antenna
6511 Shielded Loop Antennahttp://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/antennas/loops/4009/4009046511 Shielded Loop Antenna

Key Features

  • Individually Calibrated Switchable Four-band Transformer 
  • Two Year Warranty

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http://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/antennas/loops/4009/400903<a href="/sites/etsauthor/ProductBrochures/General%20Brochures/Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf</a>




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