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​​Electric Field Distribution

The model 3151 is used for both horizontal and vertical polarizations. The phase center /source position of the antenna shifts from the rear to the front end of the boom as frequency increases. To ensure a high field strength at the low frequency range (30 MHz to 45 MHz), the LPDA antenna needs to be placed at a close distance. However, the beam width of the antenna gets narrower at higher frequencies. Therefore, the antenna needs to be placed at a farther distance at higher frequencies to cover a larger uniform area. If the same distance is kept for the high and low frequency ranges, the field uniformity is compromised above 80 MHz.


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Frequency Maximum: 220 MHz
Frequency Minimum: 20 MHz
Pattern Type: Directional
Polarization: Linear
  • Tophat-loaded LPDA Antenna with 1 5/8" EIA Connector
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Air Polarization Control Assembly
  • Standard Fixed Height Pedestal Positioner with Air Polarization and Manually Adjusted Tilt

Key Features

  • 20 MHz to 220 MHz Frequency Range 
  • High Power Feed Handles up to 5 kW RF Input Power 
  • Space Saving Design Features Tophat-loaded, Low-frequency Elements 
  • Mounted on Wheeled Base for Easy Mobility

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