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​​Ultra Broadband

The model 3115 sweeps from 750 MHz to 18 GHz without stopping for band breaks, making it ideal for automated testing. It has the widest usable frequency range of any antenna in its class, with no performance degradation from high order modes.

Power Input

This horn antenna uses a Type N precision connector and accepts up to 300 watts of continuous input power. The antenna's high gain and low VSWR over its operating frequency translates into efficient amplifier use and higher field strengths.


An antenna constructed to maximize structural integrity is better able to maintain its electrical properties. The benefits are better measurement repeatability, lower uncertainty values and longer calibration validity. Constructed of powder coated aluminum plate, the 3115 will provide years of trouble-free indoor and outdoor service. This antenna is small and portable with a length of 24.4 cm (9.6 in). This antenna includes a 1/4 in x 20 tripod mount.​ 

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Frequency Minimum: 750 MHz 
Frequency Maximum: 18 GHz 
Connectors: Precision N (f) 
Nominal Impedance​​: 50 Ω 
Maximum Continuous Power: 
  • 500W: 800 MHz to 1 GHz 
  • 300W: 1 GHz to 18 GHz 
Peak Power: 500 W  
VSWR: <1.5:1 
Pattern Type: Directional 
Polarization: Linear
Height: 15.9 cm (6.26 in) 
Length: 27.9 cm (10.98 in) 
Width: 24.4 cm (9.61 in)      
Weight: 1.8 kg (3.97 lb)   
  • Antenna 
  • Mounting Bracket Accepts an ETS-Lindgren or Other Tripod Mount with Standard 1/4 in x 20 Threads
  • Individually Calibrated at 1 m per SAE ARP 958. Actual factors and a signed Certificate of Calibration Conformance provided.
  • ETS-Lindgren Offers Several Non-metallic, Non-reflective Tripods
  • Carrying Case





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Key Features

  • Frequency Range 750 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Uniform Gain
  • Individually Calibrated 
  • Low VSWR Continuous Power Handling Capability 300W

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