Red Edge EMP Enclosure


ETS-Lindgren's Red EdgeTM shielded enclosure provides EMP, IEMI and TEMPEST hardening for critical electrical equipment.

The Red Edge enclosure combines ETS-Lindgren's industry leading RF shielding and doors with EMP rated filters to create an enclosure tested and certified to harden and protect critical items from threats. The system encloses a standard 19 inch equipment rack and can be ordered in several sizes between 13 and 48 rack units (RU). The enclosure provides 80 dB minimum isolation up to 10 GHz, covering threats such as intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI), electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP). All potential points of pulse entry are considered and protected, while still allowing data and power interfacing similar to standard 19 inch racks. Optionally, TEMPEST protection can also be provided by using specially designed filters for power and data. Available in wall mounting and floor standing configuration, these enclosures fulfill the recommendations issued by STRUCTURES, SECRET, InfraGard, IEC SC-77C and the CIPA amendments to The Homeland Security Act of 2002.

Key Features
  • Modular Bolt-Together Shielding System with Hardness Critical Item (HCI) Certified Performance
  • 80 dB+ of Shielding Effectiveness Up to 10 GHz
  • Red Edge HEMP Power Line Filtering
  • Customizable Data Feedthrough and Filters
  • Passive, Forced Air or Liquid Cooling Supported
  • High Performance, Low Maintenance Door
  • Shielding effectiveness exceeds MIL-STD 188-125 and IEMI requirements *
  • Progressive latching, easy to operate door assembly
Product Details
Product Features

Physical Specifications
Enclosure Exterior (W x D x H)
Door Opening (W x H)Rack Size
Model EMP13U
24 in x 30 in x 33 in
20 in x 30 in
13U, 20 in deep, 19 in integrated rack
Model EMP48U
24 in x 36 in x 80 in
20.5 in x 76 in
48U, 20 in deep, 19 in integrated rack

Custom sizes available upon request.

Electrical Specifications

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