Magnetic MRI Shielding


ETS-Lindgren's Magnetic MRI Shielding provide effective containment of DC (static) magnetic fields generated by the MRI to protect the external environment.

ETS-Lindgren's Magnetic MRI Shielding is used to protect the environment from the MRI magnetic field. ETS-Lindgren offers two primary materials for magnetic shielding solutions: M36 silicon steel, the industry standard for static magnetic shielding, and C1006 plate steel. ETS-Lindgren can also design and install magnetic shielding utilizing alternative materials upon request.

The proposed location of your MRI system and your facilities requirement for DC (static) magnetic field containment will determine if magnetic shielding is required, specifically if the location of the MRI system allows the magnetic field of the MRI system to go beyond the MRI scan room itself or when the operation of the MRI system may be affected by something outside of the MRI suite. Most commonly, facilities follow the FDA recommended guidelines of limiting DC magnetic fields in publicly accessible area to 5G or less, but some facilities adopt stricter standards or there co-siting concerns may arise that require containment of lower DC magnetic fields.

The type of material you will need should be determined by your shield designer, most commonly the MRI OEM. Determining how much magnetic shielding you will need as early as possible in your planning process should be one of the first steps you take after selecting which MRI system you are purchasing in order to coordinate integration of the shielding into your facility design and ensure your facility can support the shielding structurally.

ETS-Lindgren offers Magnetic MRI Shielding and shield design as part of a complete solution to your MRI shielding needs to assist with your facility planning.

Key Features
  • MRI Shielding
  • DC (static) Magnetic Shielding
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