MR-Cu Shield System


ETS-Lindgren's MR-Cu Shield System uses both a superior RF attenuator and durable bolted, lightweight modular panels to ensure reliable performance.

ETS-Lindgrens MR-Cu Shield System is made of copper sheeting attached to a modular frame of fire-rated Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) to ensure the panel integrity. The modules install quickly and can be easily adapted to the specific physical requirements of a particular room. Because the modules are structurally independent of the parent MRI rooms walls, they provide improved acoustic properties for the overall system and require no prior preparation from the customer. There are also several options available to acoustically enhance the panels further.

Our MR-Cu Shield System uses both a superior RF attenuator and durable bolted, lightweight modular panels to ensure reliable performance. This modular frame construction is wrapped with electroplated copper, which can conform to any design criteria. The engineered and bolted system enhances RF integrity with 4.4 cm (1.75 in) wide seams that are highly compressed, offering a seamless shield surface. Interior fasteners do not have to penetrate the shield surface by design, thus enhancing the long-term life of the shield.

Key Features
  • Pure, Electrically Deposited Copper
  • RF Attenuation Levels of >100 dB up to 400 MHz Frequencies
  • Free Standing, Structurally Isolated RF Walls
  • Lightweight
  • Factory Engineered and Fabricated RF Shield Panels
  • Acoustic Enhancement Options Available
Product Details
Product Features

MR-Cu Shield System

The MR-Cu Shield System utilizes pure electrically deposited copper as the RF attenuator. This copper system offers superior electrical and metallurgical properties. The lightweight panels further enhance constructability in any architectural design. This shielding system provides RF attenuation levels greater than 100 dB up to MR frequencies of 400 MHz (9.4 Tesla).

RF Shielded Walls

The free standing RF shielded walls are an important consideration regarding acoustic and seismic concerns. Because the walls are structurally independent from the parent walls of the MRI suite, there is an inherent acoustic envelope surrounding the room. Structurally independent walls also provide a unique seismic component and are not subjected to the same seismic forces as the parent structure.

Ceiling Panels

The lightweight ceiling panels (1.1 kg/2.4 lb per ft2) reduce the dead loads that would be applied to the overhead structures. Additionally, overhead spanning beams can be employed without the use of heavy structural members.

Factory engineered and fabricated RF shield panels offer enormous flexibility in architectural design. Contractor-friendly interiors allow for the addition of interior finishes and all utilities without penetration of the RF shield surface, which leads to long-term, high performance.

Physical Specifications
Dimensions: Customized to conform with parent structure
Shielding Type: Modular
Weight: 1.0 kg (2.2 lb per sq. ft.)
Length: Customizable
Width: Customizable
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