4-TR Tripod Positioner


ETS-Lindgren's Model 4-TR Positioner Tripod is compatible with most ETS-Lindgren antennas.

ETS-Lindgren's Model 4-TR Tripod is compatible with most ETS-Lindgren antennas. Users can be confident of accurate measurement results when using the 4-TR, which is constructed of non-metallic, non-reflective materials that will not distort measured data. The 4-TR Tripod has easy-adjust controls for precise height adjustments. Maximum height is 2.0 m (80 in). Minimum height is 94.0 cm (37 in). It can hold up to a 11.8 kg (26.0 lb). To ensure long-life, ETS-Lindgren tripods are constructed of the highest-quality materials possible. The 4-TR is constructed of linen phenolic and delrin and can be used in both indoor and outdoor test sites. The adjustable center piece allows for precise height adjustments.

Key Features
  • Non-metallic Non-RF Reflective
  • Easy-adjust Height Controls
  • Quality Construction
Product Details
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Load Capacity: 11.8 kg (26.01 lb)
Nominal Max Height: 203 cm (79.92 in)
Product Options
  • Antenna Mounts
  • Additional custom heights available
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