Increase Patient and Staff Comfort with Innovative RF Shielded Product Designs for MRI Applications

See ETS-Lindgren’s Unique Offerings at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Austin


CEDAR PARK, Texas, November 30, 2021 – ETS-Lindgren will showcase innovative RF shielding products and services for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) applications at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo (HFSE).  Held December 6 - 8 at the Austin Convention Center, the symposium provides a multi-disciplinary environment to inspire the advancement of a better delivery of healthcare through the physical space. “After a hiatus due to the pandemic, we at ETS-Lindgren are excited to be back in person at HFSE 2021,” said Joel Kellogg, ETS-Lindgren’s Director of Business Development for Healthcare, Industry, and Government.  “We have missed the opportunity to interface one-on-one with leading designers, healthcare professionals, and facilities managers to discuss best practices and new innovations to enhance patient outcomes.”  Since ETS-Lindgren’s headquarters is based in Cedar Park, Texas, just north of the Austin Convention Center, those interested in seeing the facility are welcome to contact Mr. Kellogg to arrange a tour.


ETS-Lindgren’s innovative products on display in Booth 100 at HFSE 2021 include the EVO™ Series of MRI RF Shielded Doors and an Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS).  A structural model of an RF Shielded Enclosure provides details of the critical clamping and construction needed to protect the safety of patients and staff at an MRI facility from adverse electromagnetic interference (EMI).


For industry-leading MRI door technology, the EVO Series of MRI RF Shielded Doors are designed to provide reliable, low-maintenance service for use in rigorous MRI environments.  To facilitate access into and out of the MRI suite, this manual door is equipped with an easy-open, lever-style handle with minimal force required for operation.  Customers who are frustrated from trying to open and close their cumbersome MRI doors are relieved by the low-friction, aesthetically pleasing EVO door.  With its low-profile, ADA-compliant threshold, the door facilitates effortless patient gurney transfers and easy cleaning, especially useful for surgical applications.  But perhaps the most important feature of the EVO door is its acoustic performance, with Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating choices of 28, 34, 40, and 44 (49 dB of sound reduction at frequencies of concern).  These ratings ensure a quieter, calmer environment near the MRI suite for staff and patients.  Visitors to ETS-Lindgren’s Booth 100 can interact with a model of the door to experience its ease of operation and exceptional modern design.


ETS-Lindgren's Oxygen Monitoring System (OMS) is a sample-draw monitoring system that alerts and alarms when oxygen levels fall below safe limits for human health.  “Under normal conditions, the air we breathe contains an oxygen concentration of 20.9%. Anything less than 19.5% is considered a health hazard,” said Mr. Kellogg.  The OMS monitors the air in MRI facilities, labs, freezers, confined spaces, and other locations where inert gases such as helium, nitrogen, and argon may displace the oxygen and create a danger for patients and staff.  The OMS can be used indoors or outdoors.  “We developed the OMS so healthcare professionals can focus their efforts on patients and staff and not worry about air safety.  We will have a model in ETS-Lindgren Booth 100 to demonstrate how OMS operates.”


Are you aware of the RF shielding required to protect an MRI magnet?  In most facilities, the RF shielding is hidden behind wall coverings and drop ceilings to create the appearance of a regular procedure room to reduce patient anxiety.  However, RF shielding is the critical component and foundation for all MRI facilities.  Visit ETS-Lindgren Booth 100 to see a cutaway model of an RF shielded enclosure and learn about the nuances of different shielding construction techniques, performance levels, installation guidelines for new and existing facilities, and more!  Expertly manufactured and installed RF shielding ensures the long-term success of an MRI facility.


“HFSE started as a forum to discuss how the design of the physical environment could positively affect patient outcomes,” said Mr. Kellogg.  “ETS-Lindgren shares that commitment to a calming environment for MRI patient care.  We are proud of our products that enhance comfort for patients and staff.  It is a challenge, quite frankly, to design and manufacture products that are aesthetically pleasing while also providing the high-quality RF shielding required to ensure MRI image quality along with a positive environment for patients and staff.  We welcome visitors to our Booth 100 to discuss the many products ETS-Lindgren provides that meet all objectives.”


The innovative products that enhance comfort at MRI facilities include one of ETS-Lindgren’s latest developments, Clearshield S-Glass™.  S-Glass delivers a privacy option integrated into a high-performance RF window.  Utilizing Liquid Crystal (LC) technology within the window enables a dynamic privacy option.  DMX controllers allow the ability to switch from clear to opaque or select the desired level of opaqueness, eliminating the need to clean and maintain cumbersome blinds.


With ETS-Lindgren's Med-Vizion ZXR LED Down Lighting, technologists can adjust the lighting level of an MRI suite with convenient dimmers.  This high-performance, light-emitting diode down light has no UV, IR, or RF emissions and features engineered heat displacement, which prevents premature LED failure.  Without filaments, the LEDs are unaffected by magnetic fields.  In addition, Med-Vizion ZXR LED Down Lighting produces the equivalent of a 175-watt incandescent light using only 32 watts of power, ensuring energy cost savings and a long life.


Windows are an important design consideration for future installations as well as a remodel of an existing MRI facility.  Clearshield™ RF Shielded Windows are high-visibility, architectural windows that expand the horizons of your MRI shielded enclosure.  The RF attenuating properties of Clearshield Window Walls block RF interference while providing clear views of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to increase patient comfort and create a unique MRI experience.  Whether you are considering a skylight, single window, or full wall of windows, your possibilities are limitless.  Safety glass is standard on both sides; however, frosted, or other types of glass can be used.


Did you know ETS-Lindgren offers service and maintenance programs to protect your RF shielding investment and minimize downtime in your MRI suite?  Speak with our specialists during HSFC 2021 to hear about the customized programs we offer to fit your schedule and specific product needs.  And be sure to ask about our engineering services, such as site planning and site surveys for electromagnetic interference (EMI), acoustic, and vibration analyses. 


Stop by ETS-Lindgren Exhibit Booth 100 at HSFC 2021 to learn about our new products, maintenance and service programs, educational offerings, and more!  Rest assured that ETS-Lindgren will provide continued support through its six manufacturing sites and team of 750+ employees worldwide.  With ETS-Lindgren’s expertise gained by more than 50,000 global RF shielded installations, you’ll soon see why Your Image Is Safe With Us™.


For assistance with your MRI shielding, service, or consulting needs, view our Full Line MRI Brochure, our Top 10 Considerations for MRI Suite Planning, call us at 512-531-6400, or send an email to  For more information on HSFC 2021 held in person in Austin, click here


About ETS-Lindgren


ETS-Lindgren is an international manufacturer of systems and components that measure, shield, and control electromagnetic and acoustic energy.  The company’s products are used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), microwave and wireless testing, electromagnetic field (EMF) measurement, radio frequency (RF) personal safety monitoring, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and control of acoustic environments.


Headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, ETS-Lindgren has manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.  The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies, a leading supplier of engineered products for growing industrial and commercial markets.  ESCO is a New York Stock Exchange listed company (symbol ESE) with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  Additional information about ETS-Lindgren is available at www.ets-lindgren.comFollow ETS-Lindgren on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTubeAdditional information about ESCO and its subsidiaries is available at


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