New Reverb Test System Makes Wireless OTA Measurements

CEDAR PARK, Texas, April 9, 2013 ETS-Lindgren announced the immediate availability of the AMS-7000, a test system using reverberation technology for making accurate and repeatable wireless over-the-air (OTA) measurements, including SISO, TRP, TIS, and Throughput. The system is also capable of performing a set of limited but useful MIMO measurements. The AMS-7000 operates over a frequency range of 700 MHz to 18 GHz.The AMS-7000 is based on a combination of ETS-Lindgrens industry leading EMQuest Antenna Measurement Software and the companys longstanding line of SMART reverberation chambers. By using EMQuest software, the AMS-7000 is able to support a broad range of protocols and instrumentation readily available for other AMS series OTA measurement systems.Mounted on wheels, the AMS-7000s compact design is ideal where space is limited or where a portable test solution is needed, and detailed antenna pattern data is not required. A test volume of up to 0.9m x 0.9m x 0.6m is supported.Bryan Sayler, Senior Vice President, Test Solutions commented, ETS-Lindgren offers the broadest range of technologies and options for performing Over-The-Air measurements of wireless devices. Our 20 years of experience with statistical reverberation measurements allows us to provide our customers with an additional alternative to our well-established anechoic solutions.Dr. Michael Foegelle, Director of Technology Development added, While the reverberation method does not allow us to reproduce the complete range of environmental conditions available via the anechoic boundary array method, it does produce a rich multi-path environment that can be a useful tool for basic evaluation of the relative performance of MIMO enabled devices. The reverberation chamber represents an edge case in the continuum of possible real-world RF environments, from direct line-of-site to extremely high multipath (reverberant) environments. We actively support the industry evaluation of MIMO test methods and believe that reverb will have a role to play as a basic test method when the more advanced boundary array simulator is not available.View the AMS-7000 datasheet at For further information about ETS-Lindgrens complete range of measurement solutions, please visit