New Antenna Tower Offers Precise EMC Measurements

CEDAR PARK, Texas, February 13, 2014 - ETS-Lindgren announced immediate availability of the new Model 2171B antenna tower designed to meet the ANSI Standard C63.4 requirements for measurements above 1 GHz. The patented boresight system of Model 2171B precisely aims the antenna at a designated test point on the equipment under test (EUT) - within the standards specified cone of radiation - during the antennas ascent/descent along the antenna mast. This solves the problems that can occur when mounting adapters on towers can only place the antenna parallel to the ground plane. In this common mounting scheme, the tower raises the antenna above the EUT meaning measured field strength levels will be lower than actual values. This adversely limits finding the maximum emissions for accurate measurements. ETS-Lindgrens innovative boresight system, however, greatly enhances finding the maximum emissions. In addition, Model 2171B is especially useful when high gain directional antennas are used, such as log periodic dipole array and horn antennas.Model 2171B also features a notably smaller footprint. In smaller chambers, this is significant as the reduced size of the tower base allows users to easily position the receiving antenna at the required minimum 3 meter distance from the EUT when measuring above 1 GHz. Other notable features include fiber optic control lines to eliminate RF noise and variable speed with a toothed belt drive for smooth operation. Users will appreciate easy adjustment for 3 m, 5 m, or 10 m test distances while concurrently aiming the mounted receiving antenna at the source of EUT emissions.The Model 2171B accepts stinger or classic EMCO antenna mounts. Both mounting methods maintain the antennas centerline axis during polarization. For more information about the Model 2171B antenna tower, see the datasheet and the video demonstrating usage, or contact ETS-Lindgren at, phone +1 512.531.6400