2110CR  Multi-Axis Positioner (MAPS)
​​​​​​ETS-Lindgren's Model 2110CR Light Duty Multi-Axis Positioning System (MAPS) is designed to perform measurements of spherical antenna patterns plus total and effective isotropic radiated power of wireless hand-held devices.




Key Product Information


The 2110CR is a modular, light-duty multi-axis positioner, consisting of a rotating turntable base with a mounting mast. This configuration allows for independent rotation in both the azimuth and ortho axes and accommodates wireless handsets up to 0.45 kg (1.0 lb). To minimize any potential RF obstruction or distortion of RF signals from low directive wireless transmit antennas, the rotating shaft assembly is constructed of low reflective dielectric materials.

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Phase: Single 
Power: 208/230 VAC
Control Unit (Sold Separately): EMCenter™ with EMControl™
Maximum Height: Consult Factory 
Minimum Height: Consult Factory 
Nominal Height: Consult Factory 
Maximum Load Capacity: 0.45 kg (1.0 lb)
Primary Composition: Non-metallic Structure
  • MAPS Assembly Including Light Duty Mast Capable of Handling up to 0.45 kg (1.0 lb) EUT
  • EMCenter position controller sold separately (required)
  • Standard Heights Available (Please Specify One):
    • 152.4 cm (60.0 in) (2110CR-6000)
    • 172.7 cm (68.0 in) (2110CR-6800)
    • 182.9 cm (72.0 in) (2110CR-7200)
    • 213.4 cm (84.0 in) (2110CR-8400)
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Manual
  • ​EMCenter with EMControl (required)
  • Additional Cable Lengths



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Key Features

  • Multi-Axis Positioner 
  • Variable Speed Rotation 
  • Fiber Optic Control Lines Eliminate RF Noise 
  • Angular Positioner Accuracy within +/- 0.25°

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http://www.ets-lindgren.com/products/positioners/multi-axis-positioner-(maps)/8003/800302<a href="/sites/etsauthor/ProductBrochures/General%20Brochures/Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icpdf.png" />Test_and_Measurement_Full_Line.pdf</a>




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