ETS-Lindgren’s full line of chambers has been proven in testing applications for decades. With customizable configurations, our chambers form the basis of your test environment needs.



SMART 1000 Mini-Reverb Cell™-reverb-chambers/14000/1400005SMART 1000 Mini-Reverb Cell
FACT™ 3 with 2 M QZ Chambers™-chambers/5004/500401FACT™ 3 with 2 M QZ Chambers
FACT™ 10 Chambers™-chambers/5004/500402FACT™ 10 Chambers
FACT™ 25 CISPR Chambers™-chambers/5004/500403FACT™ 25 CISPR Chambers
FACT™ 5 Chambers™-chambers/5004/500404FACT™ 5 Chambers
SpaceSaver™ 26H Chamber™-chambers/5005/500501SpaceSaver™ 26H Chamber
SpaceSaver™ FAR Chamber™-chambers/5005/500502SpaceSaver™ FAR Chamber
SpaceSaver™ PC Chamber™-chambers/5005/500503SpaceSaver™ PC Chamber
MIL-STD 461 Chambers 461 Chambers
RF Reverberation Chamber Tuner™-reverb-chambers/5007/500701RF Reverberation Chamber Tuner
SMART™ 200 Reverb Chambers™-reverb-chambers/5007/500702SMART™ 200 Reverb Chambers
SMART™ 80 Reverb Chambers™-reverb-chambers/5007/500703SMART™ 80 Reverb Chambers