ETS-Lindgren’s full line of chambers has been proven in testing applications for decades. With customizable configurations, our chambers form the basis of your test environment needs.

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Mini Hearing Screening Booths Hearing Screening BoothsETS-Lindgren's "Mini" Hearing Screening Booths are portable sound booths that provide a self-contained environment for hearing conservation programs, anywhere.<br>
Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths - Double-Wall Hearing Screening Booths - Double-Wall<p>ETS-Lindgren's <span aria-hidden="true"></span>Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths - Double-Wall<span aria-hidden="true"></span> are soundproof booths capable of testing from two to ten people simultaneously</p>
Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths - Single-Wall Hearing Screening Booths - Single-Wall<p>​ETS-Lindgren's Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths are soundproof booths capable of testing from two to ten people simultaneously. <br></p>
Single Wall Screening Booths Wall Screening Booths​ETS-Lindgren's Single Wall Screening Booths are acoustic booths ideal for screening environments where a fixed booth is desired, the ambient conditions dictate increased attenuation, or clinical testing may be required.<br>

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