ETS-Lindgren’s full line of chambers has been proven in testing applications for decades. With customizable configurations, our chambers form the basis of your test environment needs.

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Acoustic Doors Doors​ETS-Lindgren's SoundSecure™ Plug-in Doors are an integral component of all ETS-Lindgren's acoustic test chambers, sound isolation rooms, and audiometric booths.​<br>
Adjustable Field Enclosure Field Enclosure <p>Provides an acoustically quiet environment with high test repeatability.  </p>
Anechoic Chamber Chamber ​​​ETS-Lindgren's Anechoic Chambers provide a precision-grade free-field environment used to measure sound source directivity, frequency response, and noise emissions from spherically radiating sound sources.<br>
Delta Corner Test Booths Corner Test Booths<p>​ETS-Lindgren Delta Exam Booths are triangular in shape and can fit into the corner of even the smallest office.<br></p>
Double-Wall Audiometric Examination Suites Audiometric Examination Suites ​ETS-Lindgren's Double Wall Exam Suites are soundproof booths constructed with our premium AS-A504 10 cm (4 in) thick double wall panels for maximum isolation.
Double-Wall Exam Booths Exam Booths ETS-Lindgren's Double Wall Audiometric Exam Booths are constructed with our premium AS-A504 10 cm (4 in) thick wall panels and provide impressive isolation.
Head and Torso Test Enclosure and Torso Test Enclosure<p>​ETS-Lindgren's Head and Torso Test (HATS) Enclosure provides a free-field environment for head and torso testing of mobile phones and other handheld audio devices. </p>
Hemi-Anechoic Chambers Chambers ​​​ETS-Lindgren's Hemi-Anechoic Chambers​ provide a precise free-field environment used to measure sound sources over a reflecting plane. Typical measurements include product noise testing, sound power, sound source frequency response, and sound source directivity.<br>
High Performance Head and Torso Test Enclosure Performance Head and Torso Test Enclosure
Mini Hearing Screening Booths Hearing Screening BoothsETS-Lindgren's "Mini" Hearing Screening Booths are portable sound booths that provide a self-contained environment for hearing conservation programs, anywhere.<br>
Multi-Configurable Audiometric Test Booths Audiometric Test Booths ETS-Lindgrens MC Series of audiometric test booths are pre-engineered with interchangeable panels and many standard features that are optional for other manufacturers. 
Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths - Double-Wall Hearing Screening Booths - Double-Wall<p>ETS-Lindgren's <span aria-hidden="true"></span>Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths - Double-Wall<span aria-hidden="true"></span> are soundproof booths capable of testing from two to ten people simultaneously</p>
Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths - Single-Wall Hearing Screening Booths - Single-Wall<p>​ETS-Lindgren's Multi-Station Hearing Screening Booths are soundproof booths capable of testing from two to ten people simultaneously. <br></p>
Predictable Field Chambers Field Chambers ETS-Lindgren's Predictable Field Enclosures are designed to provide acoustical and statistical energy analysis, to optimize the engineering and design requirements needed for an end-product application. 
Reverberation Chamber Chamber ​ETS-Lindgren's Acoustic Reverberation Chambers reflect sound to produce a non-directional or diffuse sound field within the chamber. They are typically used for sound absorption, transmission loss, and sound power measurements.
Single Wall Screening Booths Wall Screening Booths​ETS-Lindgren's Single Wall Screening Booths are acoustic booths ideal for screening environments where a fixed booth is desired, the ambient conditions dictate increased attenuation, or clinical testing may be required.<br>
Single-Wall Control/Double Wall Exam Suites Control/Double Wall Exam Suites ETS-Lindgren's Single Wall Control / Double Wall Exam Suites are soundproof booths constructed with our premium AS-A504 10 cm (4 in) thick wall panels, providing impressive isolation.
Single-Wall Exam Booths Exam BoothsETS-Lindgren's ​Single Wall Audiometric Exam Booths are soundproof booths constructed with our standard AS-A504 10 cm (4”) thick wall panels. providing impressive, laboratory verified sound isolation.
Single-Wall Examination Suites Examination Suites ​ETS-Lindgren's Single Wall Exam Suites are acoustic booths constructed with our premium AS-A504 10 cm (4 in) thick wall panels, providing impressive isolation.<br>
Small Device Test Enclosures Device Test Enclosures ​ETS-Lindgren’s Small Device (SD) Test Enclosures provide a free-field environment for making survey and engineering grade measurements on small devices. ​
Virtual Acoustic Soundscape Technology (VAST) Acoustic Soundscape Technology (VAST)<p>​ETS-Lindgren's Virtual Acoustic Soundscape Technology (VAST) is the Latest in Acoustic Testing Technologies from the Trusted Expert in Test & Measurement.<br></p>

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