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​​​Frequency Range

The 3164-01 brings the performance of the 3164 series horns down to 100 MHz. However, the antenna is not simply a scaled model of other horns in the series. To reduce weight and improve the low end performance, this antenna was designed without an enclosed feed cavity. Although the feed cavity is not present, the antenna can still be mounted inside chambers; nested in the absorber or against a ground plane. The gain is not dramatically affected by the mounting scheme.

Excellent  Gain Characteristics

Like the other 3164 series horns, the 3164-01 has a very fat gain performance for the upper 2/3 of its frequency range. The gain variation over that upper range is usually less than 2 dB variation.

Dual Linear Polarization

The 3164-01 has two sets of orthogonal ridges each fed via a coaxial input. The result is an antenna that can simultaneously measure two orthogonally polarized components of the field. This characteristic makes it ideal for measuring antennas as they are rotated in the quiet zone on an anechoic chamber or antenna range. The inputs are located extremely close to each other which reduces the difference in gain between them.

Cross-Port Polarization

As in the other horns in this family, the model 3164-01 exhibits great cross-port isolation with levels better than 25 dB. 

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Frequency Maximum: 1 GHz
Frequency Minimum: 100 MHz
Pattern Type: Directional
Polarization: Dual Linear
VSWR Ratio (AVG): 3:1 maximum; 1.75:1 average
Maximum Continuous Power: 
  • 750 watts @ 100 MHz
  • 200 watts @ 1 GHz
Impedance (Nominal): 50 Ω
Connectors: (2) Type N Female
Aperture Height: 188 cm (74.02 in)
Aperture Width: 188 cm (74.02 in)
Length: 174 cm (68.50 in)
Weight: 69 kg (152.12 lb)
  • Antenna Including Hardware for On-Site Antenna Assembly
  • Measured Input Parameters including VSWR and Cross-Port Isolation



3164-01 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn ETS-Lindgren's Model 3164-01 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna takes the open boundary concept to its extreme by providing a totally open horn, including an open boundary feed cavity.
3164-05 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn ETS-Lindgren's Model 3164-05 Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn has an open boundary design, making this antenna unique in appearance and performance.<br>
3164-06 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn ETS-Lindgren's Model 3164-06 Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn Antenna's open boundary design is similar to two double-ridged waveguide antennas orthogonally to each other.
3164-08 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn ETS-Lindgren's 3164-08 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn “open boundary” design makes this antenna unique in both appearance and performance.
3164-10 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn ETS-Lindgren's Model 3164-10 Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn Antenna's design makes this antenna unique in both appearance and performance.
3164-11 Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn ETS-Lindgren's Model 3164-141 Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn is the latest in a series of quad-ridged horns from ETS-Lindgren.<br>

Key Features

  • Excellent Gain Characteristics
  • Dual Linearly Polarized 
  • Better Than 25 dB Cross-Port Isolation

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