​ETS-Lindgren's Model 3140B BiConiLog is one in a series of hybrid antennas designed for broadband EMC radiated immunity (RI) measurements. The model 3140B BiConiLog features a patented T-Bow Tie element design that significantly improves low frequency performance, compared to conventional biconical or other hybrid antennas. When setting up the model 3140B, the T-Bow Tie elements are easily attached/detached with hand tightened screw knobs. Once assembled, the antenna is self-standing when placed balun end down on the ground plane. A tough powder coat finish protects the antenna.                       

The Model 3140B BiConiLog is not designed to be used for RE (radiated emissions) measurements. For RE applications, ETS-Lindgren recommends the model 3142E Biconilog.

Key Product Information

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Frequency Minimum: 26 MHz
Frequency Maximum: 3 GHz
Connectors: Type N
Impedance (Nominal): 50 Ω
Maximum Continuous Power: 1 kW
Pattern Type: Directional
Peak Power: 1.3 kW
Polarization: Linear
VSWR (Average): 2.0:1
Height: 76.65 cm (30.18 in)
Length: 149.3 cm (58.78 in)
Width: 161.5 cm (63.58 in)
Weight: 10 kg (22.05 lb)
  • Antenna and Antenna Elements
  • Two Boom Adapters with Threaded Inserts
  • Manual 

  • Model 7-TR positioner with offset boom 

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Key Features

  • 26 MHz to 3 GHz Frequency Range 
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Fits Compact Chambers 
  • Tough Powder Coat Finish 
  • Avg. 2:1 VSWR above 80 MHz 
  • Best EMC RI Performance from 26 MHz to 80 MHz <=300 W to generate 10 V/m above 30 MHz at 3m, 80% AM

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