3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (BiConiLog) - ETS-Lindgren
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Key Features

  • Ultra Broadband: 80 MHz to 6 GHz
  • 750 W Max Continuous Power
  • Input Meets CISPR Cross Polarization Requirements
  • On-Axis Antenna Polarization
  • Compact Size
  • Download PDF Datasheet
  • ETS-Lindgren's Model 3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (BiConiLog) Antenna has an ultra broadband frequency range, accepts high power input, and is size-efficient for easy transport and use in compact chambers. Rugged construction assures dimensional and electrical stability over extended use. The electrical characteristics of this antenna were modeled using powerful workstations running electromagnetic simulation software. Equally important, experienced RF engineers worked with our manufacturing team to produce a practical and affordable realization of the modeling process. On completion, the antenna was tested and calibrated at our A2LA accredited lab facility. All production units are individually calibrated at this facility.

    View the 3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (BiConiLog) technical specifications below

    Physical Specifications

    Height: 52.24 cm (20.57 in)
    Length: 121.5 cm (47.83 in)
    Width: 91.0 cm (35.83 in)
    Weight: 5.0 kg (11.02 lb)

    Electrical Specifications

    Frequency Minimum: 80 MHz
    Frequency Maximum: 6 GHz
    VSWR: 6.5:1 Maximum with Bowtie Elements in Place
    Maximum Continuous Power: 750 W at 80 MHz
    Impedance (Nominal): 50
    Pattern Type: Directional
    Polarization: Linear

    Product Configuration

    • Antenna Assembly
    • Rear "Stinger" Mount
    • Drilled Mounting Bracket Accepts ETS-Lindgren or Other Tripod Mounts with 1/4 in x 20 Threads
    • Only VSWR is provided for the antenna and the typical gain can be found in the manual. If gain on the antenna is requested, that is at an additional charge.
    • Manual

    View the 3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (BiConiLog) charts below