3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna

3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna

ETS-Lindgren's Model 3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna is a radome-protected, broadband antenna.

ETS-Lindgren's Model 3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna is a radome-protected, broadband antenna with a frequency range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz. Its omnidirectional pattern and broadband frequency range make it ideal for surveying or spectrum monitoring, when used with a portable spectrum analyzer.

A weatherizing kit is standard on the model 3184 for prolonged outdoor monitoring.

Key Features
  • 1 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
  • Omnidirectional Radiation Pattern Ideal for:
    • Broadband Spectrum Monitoring
    • Harmonics Level Measurement IEC 61000-4-3 Weatherizing Kit
Product Details
Product Features

Frequency Range

The model 3184 is designed to have the lowest possible VSWR across its range of operation. The antenna exhibits an average 2: 1 VSWR.

Radiation Pattern

The radiation pattern of the model 3184 is omnidirectional in the H-plane. This means the antenna can receive signals from every direction around its axis.

Spectrum Monitoring

The model 3184 can be used for EM Field surveying and spectrum monitoring. The low weight design allows use as a field surveying tool, in conjunction with a portable spectrum analyzer.IEC-61000-4-3 Because of its small size, the antenna can also be used for amplifier harmonic measurements per the IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity Test.

Physical Specifications
Length: 36.2 cm (14.25 in)
Width: 15.25 cm (6.00 in)
Stinger Length: 17.8 cm (7.01 in)
Weight: .7 kg (1.54 lb)
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Minimum: 1 GHz
Frequency Maximum: 18 GHz
VSWR Ratio (Average): 2:1
Maximum Continuous Power: 50 watts @ 1 GHz; 25 watts @ 18 GHz
Impedance (Nominal): 50
Connectors: SMA (F)
Pattern Type: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Linear
Product Options
  • Carrying Cases
  • ETS-Lindgren Offers Several Non-metallic, Non-Reflective Tripods
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